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  • Clear your vision to get unstuck

Why It’s So Hard Getting A Clear Vision

We all have a vision of what we think our lives will look like as we age.

Chances are you stood there as a schoolgirl, thinking about how beautiful your future would be.

Maybe you saw college.
Maybe you saw a career.
Maybe you […]

  • Some People Just Know How To Do Life

Some People Just Know How To Do Life

There’s an art to doing life the right way.

It doesn’t involve making more money, working longer hours, running to more places, accumulating more things.

It does involve knowing who you are, deliberately choosing your moments every day, surrounding yourself with only […]

  • What Do You Do When The Creative Juices Die

What Do You Do When The Creative Juices Die

I attended a writing group recently. Sort of a self help, mentoring, give and get advice group in which ten of us sit around as support for one another.

I explained my dilemma. I was having trouble getting my non-fiction book […]



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Meet Lori … author, speaker, thinker, serial entrepreneur, traveler … currently reinventing herself in the Pacific Northwest


I have a few confessions to make.

Every morning at 5:30 you’ll find me mediating, doing a little bit of yoga, and journaling for the day.

If you don’t find me sitting in front of the computer either from my kitchen table or from a local coffee shop, you’ll find me out walking or hiking on a trail.

On Saturday mornings, you’ll find me perusing one of the local farmers markets, bringing home more fresh fruits and veggies then will fit into my tiny refrigerator.

I LOVE writing. In fact, I think I’m up to about 5,000 words a day between everything I do for myself and for my clients. Phew!

My idea of fun usually has business or marketing related to it. You’ll find me at a lot of local Meetups, checking out local tech groups, hearing a book talk or two, and scoping out the latest trends in entrepreneur-ville.

Lori Osterberg

When you meet Lori, the first thing you’ll notice is her relaxed attitude towards business and life. Maybe that comes from what she learned from her father. Or what she’s learned from owning and operating three different businesses.

Despite her many accomplishments, she remains true to her roots. Whether she’s hanging out with friends, teaching a class to a large group of entrepreneurs, or being interviewed for a trending story, what you see is what you get.

Check out her story.

The only thing holding you back is the limits you’ve placed on yourself. It’s time to THINK BIG… and reinvent your pathway forever!

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~ Margie Ammons

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~ Jonnelle Leimbach