Kendrick Shope: It Takes A Child To Light The Way

Life’s funny.

One of the biggest pushes I had into the entrepreneurial world was my father’s experience with corporate downsizing. As I watched him live through stressful situations year after year, I knew I couldn’t go down that same path. And while he didn’t live long enough to see me make my business successful, I like to think he would have been very proud of all that I’ve achieved.

Once I had my own daughter, my perspective changed.  I remember transferring all of those thoughts I had from my father’s experiences, and turning them around on how I could make my life better and more impactful for helping my daughter grow and be all she could be. I remember sitting with her in the middle of the night, rocking her for hours as I looked down upon her sleeping face, filled with a sensation that in order to give her the best, I had to show her what I considered to be the best. That defining moment is what has driven me to do all I have in the years since.

That’s what touched me about Kendrick’s story. Even though she had what society defined as a successful life, it all came down to a moment in a rocking chair, looking down upon her daughter and thinking, “I have to do more.”

Kendrick’s Story:

Kendrick Shope

I worked in corporate over a decade for 3 Fortune 500 companies, including Glaxo Smith Kline and Eli Lilly as a top performing pharmaceutical sales rep.

Nearly three years ago I walked away from it all, security, money, and peace of mind. Much to my families dismay I went in search of my passion, true calling, and my dream.

Today, my family would agree, walking away is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I founded Authentic Selling and work with customers all over the globe, have a YouTube TV show that goes to subscribers in five continents, created an online sales school, have been featured in numerous online and print publications, and speak all over the country.Kendrick Shope 1

The thing that made me leave corporate was one of those hit you in the face moments. I was rocking my daughter to sleep one night telling her she could be anything she wanted to as long as she believed in her dreams. It hit me that she was going to grow up one day and realize I gave up on my dream and worked a job for a paycheck. No dream. No passion. Just security. I walked into my bedroom and told my husband I was living a lie and it was ending that night.

From that point, I hired a career coach, went through Martha Beck Life Coach training and eventually created a sales process called Authentic Selling. Over the past two years, Authentic Selling has grown beyond my expectations, allowing me to speak across the country and work with aspiring business owners to grow their businesses using Authentic Selling strategies

Takeaways For You To Follow:

My biggest a-ha moment is now when I look back and see the nights I wondered if I had lost my mind to chase a dream and realize that those are the moments that define the success of your business and your dream. Having the passion and the drive to keep going when it’s hard, or everyone around you thinks you’ve gone nuts is the thing that makes it all come together and eventually succeed.

I would tell other women considering doing the same thing that it can be hard. You will question if it’s worth it. But never ever ever give up. Living your dream, creating a successful business from an idea is totally possible. I am living proof. You CAN do this.


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