What kind of response rate are you getting from your email? Think about these statistics for a moment.

  • A recent study showed that over 50 percent of all email sent out each day is spam (with tens of billions of email sent every day).
  • Top ISP’s (your Internet service provider) are blocking about 25 percent of your permission based email. This is the email that you have requested, or that is coming from clients and peers.

While these numbers may frighten off small business owners, and make them wary of using email as a marketing tool, there are things you can do significantly improve your delivery rates. email 1

Here are 5 tips to help you overcome delivery problems:

1. Get Permission.
With dozens (or even hundreds) of emails coming into a persons email box every day, don’t send regular email out to someone that hasn’t requested it. When you are out networking, by all means add these people to your mailing list. But don’t automatically put them on your email list. If you have an ezine, send an email thanking them for speaking with you, and give them the link to sign up for your ezine. Never assume they want your information, even if you meet with someone regularly.

2. Attract attention by your From and Subject lines.
People learn to scan their email boxes quickly to determine what to delete, and what to keep and read. If you always send things from one email address, they will recognize you instantly. Also, be descriptive with your subject lines. Don’t use “Hi” or “Thanks”, describe what your message is about “I enjoyed meeting you at Wednesday’s Networking Group” or “Thanks for spending 5 minutes at my booth Tuesday”. Depending on their email program, they may not see long detailed subject lines. But getting to the point provides you with a greater chance of having your email opened.

3. Get your email through the spam filters.
Spam filters are constantly changing, but there are things that automatically rank high when your email account is determining deliverability of a message. All capital letters, excessive punctuation, repeated phrases, specific words/phrases, and continual talk about selling/buying will all trigger spam filters. If you use a good delivery system, many have spam assessors that will let you know the status of your email.

4. Create a structured email, and use it again and again.
Keep your emails similar in nature. If you use ezines, develop a template. If you send text email, build up a style. People develop relationships online because they like the way you write and the information you provide.

5. Tell people upfront what to expect.
Tell people upfront what you will be delivering. If you are sending autoresponder series, use your first one to provide the details of the remaining emails. On your website, sell your ezine and tell people what they will be receiving each delivery. Put samples to give people an idea of what to expect. And be consistent.