3 Powerful Ways To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

Remember when you were creative?

For some of us, we have to stretch way back to when we were in school. To the morning art class that let us squish paint between our fingers, fill are palms with glue and peel it away to reveal something new, or turn a lump of clay into an item […]

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3 Easy Ways To Add Income To Your Reinvention Process

If there is anything we can be sure of, it’s that change is coming.

And it’s coming fast.

Depending on what field you currently are working in, you’ve probably seen it yourself. We’ve automated just about everything.

Why rely on a human to drive when a driverless car means less risk?

Professionals aren’t safe; automating the job of an […]

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Why Passion Sucks

I watched a documentary on North Korea the other night.

I’m fascinated by the culture. It’s a world that is closed up, with little connection to the reality most of us take for granted. They live by their own rules, their own agendas. It’s not the fault of the people; it’s just the way it is.

They […]

Why Changes In Midlife Take Time

“I’m trying new things, but nothing changes this feeling of emptiness inside.”
“I’m super motivated to start something new, but what?”
“I feel like I’m caught in madness. How long will this last?”
Have you felt it too?

I’ve talked with a lot of women about the changes we go through in our 40s and 50s. It’s this feeling […]

5 Reinvention Tips For Women In Midlife

Every single woman reaches a point in time where she asks: Is this all there is?  Now what?

Maybe it comes from the era we grew up in. We went to school. We got the degree. We were career women; the assumption was automatic. But we were still coached into believing “family first.” And frankly, we […]

10 Signs You’re Having A Midlife Reinvention

What’s the scariest thing about approaching midlife? According to most of the articles about midlife, it’s all of the bad things that are about to happen to you.

The article I read today was no exception. It talked about all of the signs you might be facing if you are in the throes of a midlife […]

Diversifying Your Life Now That You’ve Reached Midlife

We spend all of our lives narrowing in and focusing in on what we THINK is important, only to realize at some point that we got it all wrong.

The only way to survive, reinvent who you are, move forward, have new ideas, create new adventures in your life, and develop relationships you truly want to […]

When Your Spouse’s Goals Don’t Match Your Own

What’s the key to a great marriage?

My answer today will be: compromise. (After 30 years together, I have a list of words. You understand, right?)

Because there comes a point in every great marriage where you simply won’t agree. You want to do one thing, and your spouse wants to do something else.

Some things are easy […]

From Wishing To Serious: What Does It Take To Start A Second Act?

I remember sitting there, hating everything around me. A failing business. A stressed-out relationship. Surrounded by a community that didn’t get me. Doing work I didn’t like to do. Bogged down in the crap just trying to survive.

And no matter which way I turned, nothing worked. It was more crap. More negativity. Slowly going from […]

How Do I Become A Creative Entrepreneur?

The plan was simple.
Go to college, get a degree, and find a great job to work there the rest of your life.
That could have been my strategy plan for life. That’s what my parents laid out for me when I was a high schooler looking towards the future.

College was mandatory. My mom wasn’t given the […]

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Wine Makes You A Richer Person

When we first moved up here to the Pacific Northwest, one of our goals was to become more knowledgeable about wine.

Not just drinking it. We’ve got that down pat.

We also wanted to learn more about the process, what it takes to start a vineyard, what it takes to make it successful. What’s the difference between […]

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What Lifestyle Design Really Means

Are you so caught up in being busy, doing what you do, making a living and paying off all the bills for the “stuff” you have, that you forgot to design the lifestyle you truly want to have?

You’re not alone.

We all let life control us in some ways.

We fall into a career and stick with […]

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