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3 Powerful Ways To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

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Remember when you were creative?

For some of us, we have to stretch way back to when we were in school. To the morning art class that let us squish paint between our fingers, fill are palms with glue and peel it away to reveal something new, or turn a lump of clay into an item […]

3 Easy Ways To Add Income To Your Reinvention Process

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If there is anything we can be sure of, it’s that change is coming.

And it’s coming fast.

Depending on what field you currently are working in, you’ve probably seen it yourself. We’ve automated just about everything.

Why rely on a human to drive when a driverless car means less risk?

Professionals aren’t safe; automating the job of an […]

How Do I Become A Creative Entrepreneur?

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The plan was simple.
Go to college, get a degree, and find a great job to work there the rest of your life.
That could have been my strategy plan for life. That’s what my parents laid out for me when I was a high schooler looking towards the future.

College was mandatory. My mom wasn’t given the […]

Wine Makes You A Richer Person

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When we first moved up here to the Pacific Northwest, one of our goals was to become more knowledgeable about wine.

Not just drinking it. We’ve got that down pat.

We also wanted to learn more about the process, what it takes to start a vineyard, what it takes to make it successful. What’s the difference between […]

What If The Money Really Doesn’t Last The Rest Of My Life?

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The future is a very scary place.

That’s why I don’t live there very much. But I have in the past. I think a lot of that comes with age.

I’ve worried about a lot of things. The college degree I got. Job skills. The right investments. The right savings. Where I live. What I do.

The funny […]

Why I Think Writers and Thinkers Are About To Be The Next Boom

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A lot has changed over the past thirty years.

Technology has exploded. Science has grown by leaps and bounds.

And I’ve loved it all. Yes, I’m a geek at heart, jumping on the computer and Internet revolution as soon as they materialized.

Yep, I had a PC in my home long before it became fashionable to have one. […]

What Is Your Plan B?

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“Let’s meet up for dinner. If you finish up your project by 5, we can head out to that quiet little place in the country. If you’re later than 6, maybe I could just meet you downtown.”

How many times do you throw alternatives into action? How often do you come up with a Plan B […]

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Money Outlook

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Think of all the beliefs you hold about money.

We use it all the time in quotes:
Money is the root of all evil.
Um, no, the quote is actually
The love of money is the root of all evil.
Or we make assumptions that connect wealth with offensive actions.
Like saying someone is filthy, stinking rich. (You’ve heard that saying […]

Why It’s So Hard Getting A Clear Vision

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We all have a vision of what we think our lives will look like as we age.

Chances are you stood there as a schoolgirl, thinking about how beautiful your future would be.

Maybe you saw college.
Maybe you saw a career.
Maybe you saw a spouse.
Maybe you saw a family.
Maybe you saw a home.
Maybe you saw yourself in […]

8 Secrets To Working Better When Your Business Partner Is Also Your Spouse

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Right out of college, Andrew and I got married. And for the majority of those years we have worked side by side building businesses.

For many years that meant going to work at our 1200 sf commercial location, then heading home at the end of the day. It was easy to separate work life from home […]

Dear 40-Something (Or 50, Or 60) Too Busy For Your Big Idea

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A reader recently wrote in and said that even though she enjoys my weekly posts and has learned a lot, she feels the idea of reinvention and moving forward with a Big Idea in a big way isn’t for her. Why? She’s 48. She has two kids in school, with years of college yet to […]

The Secret To Successful Income In The Future … Its In Coaching

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Time for a little confession; I no longer subscribe to traditional “television”, and in fact haven’t watched a network show in its regular time slot in years. But I do subscribe to Amazon Prime and Netflix. So of course when I find a great show, I tend to binge watch it, making my way through […]