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3 Powerful Ways To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

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Remember when you were creative?

For some of us, we have to stretch way back to when we were in school. To the morning art class that let us squish paint between our fingers, fill are palms with glue and peel it away to reveal something new, or turn a lump of clay into an item […]

How Do I Become A Creative Entrepreneur?

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The plan was simple.
Go to college, get a degree, and find a great job to work there the rest of your life.
That could have been my strategy plan for life. That’s what my parents laid out for me when I was a high schooler looking towards the future.

College was mandatory. My mom wasn’t given the […]

Why It’s So Hard Getting A Clear Vision

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We all have a vision of what we think our lives will look like as we age.

Chances are you stood there as a schoolgirl, thinking about how beautiful your future would be.

Maybe you saw college.
Maybe you saw a career.
Maybe you saw a spouse.
Maybe you saw a family.
Maybe you saw a home.
Maybe you saw yourself in […]

Dear 40-Something (Or 50, Or 60) Too Busy For Your Big Idea

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A reader recently wrote in and said that even though she enjoys my weekly posts and has learned a lot, she feels the idea of reinvention and moving forward with a Big Idea in a big way isn’t for her. Why? She’s 48. She has two kids in school, with years of college yet to […]

The Secret To Successful Income In The Future … Its In Coaching

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Time for a little confession; I no longer subscribe to traditional “television”, and in fact haven’t watched a network show in its regular time slot in years. But I do subscribe to Amazon Prime and Netflix. So of course when I find a great show, I tend to binge watch it, making my way through […]

How To Be An Entrepreneur When You’ve Never Done It Before

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“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer
I remember the first time I actually thought about operating my own business; it was a very scary thought.

I didn’t have role models in my family to ask for guidance. None of my friends owned a business. Yet there we […]

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Become a Writer, Share Your Knowledge, and Transform The World Around You: The Blueprint To Starting A Blog For Your Lifestyle Business, No Prior Knowledge Required

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Imagine a life where you get up, laptop in hand, and head out to a beautiful table with your favorite scenery all around you. I like the beach, so I’ll talk about the beach. But if you prefer snow-capped mountain peaks, you can easily keep that in mind as well.

So imagine you’re sitting at this […]

61 Things You Can Build Your Coaching Lifestyle Business Around

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When people ask what I do, I say I’m a lifestyle business coach. The deeper we get into conversation, the more I discover that most people really have no idea what a lifestyle business does, so the concept of hiring a coach to help you build the business is often a moot point. Until you […]

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Crowdfunding Your Book Idea

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In the first lesson, I explained how to finally put your dreams of writing a book into play and revealed simple steps I used to turn my first book concept into a reality.

In the second lesson, I showed you how to take a simple concept that you are contemplating writing a book on and designing […]

12 Things That Hold Most Start Ups Back

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Big Ideas come and go.

Some you choose to run with and start up a business model with.

Some pass by, never to be thought of again.

And once you’re successful with one idea, the chances of you taking another Big Idea and giving it life will also grow. That’s the power of entrepreneurship. It becomes infectious.

As I […]

8 Characteristics Of A Great Idea

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Have you ever been right in the middle of a project when ‘wham’, an idea hits you over the head? It usually comes after a moment when you can’t make something work or you can’t find what you need, and the light bulb goes on inside your brain and says “I wish I could find […]

You Have To See Your Business Before You Achieve It

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“I’ve been reading you for a while now, and I know I’m ready for a change, but I really feel stuck right now. I hate my job and want to quit it this year. Yes, I have an idea deep inside and I see myself writing a book. But all I see is the cover […]