Why Changes In Midlife Take Time

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“I’m trying new things, but nothing changes this feeling of emptiness inside.”
“I’m super motivated to start something new, but what?”
“I feel like I’m caught in madness. How long will this last?”
Have you felt it too?

I’ve talked with a lot of women about the changes we go through in our 40s and 50s. It’s this feeling […]

5 Reinvention Tips For Women In Midlife

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Every single woman reaches a point in time where she asks: Is this all there is?  Now what?

Maybe it comes from the era we grew up in. We went to school. We got the degree. We were career women; the assumption was automatic. But we were still coached into believing “family first.” And frankly, we […]

Diversifying Your Life Now That You’ve Reached Midlife

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We spend all of our lives narrowing in and focusing in on what we THINK is important, only to realize at some point that we got it all wrong.

The only way to survive, reinvent who you are, move forward, have new ideas, create new adventures in your life, and develop relationships you truly want to […]

When Your Spouse’s Goals Don’t Match Your Own

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What’s the key to a great marriage?

My answer today will be: compromise. (After 30 years together, I have a list of words. You understand, right?)

Because there comes a point in every great marriage where you simply won’t agree. You want to do one thing, and your spouse wants to do something else.

Some things are easy […]

From Wishing To Serious: What Does It Take To Start A Second Act?

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I remember sitting there, hating everything around me. A failing business. A stressed-out relationship. Surrounded by a community that didn’t get me. Doing work I didn’t like to do. Bogged down in the crap just trying to survive.

And no matter which way I turned, nothing worked. It was more crap. More negativity. Slowly going from […]

Shrink Your Reinvention Deadline To Get Things Done

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Are you a procrastinator? In some aspect, I think we all have a little bit of that in us.

Because in life, some things have higher priorities than others. We design our days around making sure the most important things get done.
If you have to be at work at 8 and it takes twenty minutes to […]

You’re Ready For A Transformation. Here Are The 14 Things You Need To Do Next

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You’ve just faced a big change. You know you’re ready for so much more.

But what?

That’s the question. Because you know now is your time. You know you’re ready to transform your life in a big way. But you’re not quite sure where to begin.

1. Acknowledge you’re ready for a change
This may seem like an easy […]

Reinventing The Four Most Important Things Every Day

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The world is going a little crazy right now.
You’ve said that before, haven’t you?

But no matter how crazy the times we’re living in are, I’m willing to bet if you go back a generation or two (or three or four), your relatives all had a time in their lives where they thought the same things.


The Art Of Slow Travel

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“Are you happy you moved to Portland?”
“It’s home for now. We’re slow traveling through the Pacific Northwest. I’ll know when it’s time to leave.”
That’s how I used to answer. But the quizzical stares and long explanations soon had me changing my answer to “yes, I love it.” It’s easier that way.

I’ve given up talking about […]

What Won’t Change In 10 Years

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What if someone asked you a very simple question.
“Where do you think you’ll be ten years from today? What do you want in your life in ten years?”
Chances are you’ve thought about this on many levels. We all have. You can’t read a self-help book or take a class in life balance without goal planning […]

Surrendering To A Friendlier Lifestyle

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We all interpret the world in our own unique way.
Some of us approach each day with rose-colored glasses.
Some of us look at the cup as half full.
Some of us consistently say “my way or the highway.”
One isn’t right; one isn’t wrong.

But maybe Einstein had it right when he said:
“The most important decision we make is […]

Accept Who You Are In Order To Change

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“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself
just as I am, then I can change.”
Carl Roger
I reached a point where all I wanted to do was change.

Nothing was going right. Everything seemed to be going against me. I wasn’t living in the right place. My relationships weren’t healthy. I didn’t enjoy the […]