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The Art Of Slow Travel

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“Are you happy you moved to Portland?”
“It’s home for now. We’re slow traveling through the Pacific Northwest. I’ll know when it’s time to leave.”
That’s how I used to answer. But the quizzical stares and long explanations soon had me changing my answer to “yes, I love it.” It’s easier that way.

I’ve given up talking about […]

When Your Reinvention Takes A Side Road

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I couldn’t wait to move on.

I made the decision to reinvent myself and make some pretty significant changes. It was a turning point in my life.

My daughter was finishing high school and moving 1200 miles away to college. So my husband and I did what any couple facing an empty nest would do; we sold […]

50 Things I Learned From Living 50 Years

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I think it’s impossible to mark a BIG birthday without having something to say about it. Maybe it’s because no one around me will let me forget it’s a BIG birthday. Or maybe it’s because I’ve made so many changes to my life in the past two years, reflecting and planning has become a part […]

Why A Gap Year Sometimes Means Reinventing Yourself As A Family

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Today I was featured in an associated press article that is going wild online.
When kids head off to college, some parents go with them
(you can also see it here: US Parents Following Kids To College For Gap Year and Parents Are Moving To The Same Towns Where Their Kids Go To College )
Its explains in […]

Our Biggest Hurdle To Gap Year … Stuff

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Why is it that in western society, our biggest hurdle is stuff? And probably more so in the US than anywhere on earth?

We’re a nation of spenders, having to buy something for just about everything we do. Head to a kitchen store and you’ll find a gadget for anything you can think of (any many […]

Meetup Helps You Live Like A Local

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What did people do before the Internet? How did you plan and live a Gap Year without it?

Okay, maybe people didn’t plan and live a Gap Year years ago quite as frequently as they do today. In fact, I know Gap Years are a relatively new phenomena, especially for the empty nest crowd like us.

A […]

Gap Year … Redefining What We Choose To Do

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new section, all about our Gap Year.

Many years ago, Andrew and I had a crazy dream to get rid of all our stuff and travel the world. Not forever. Just for a while. Just to see everything we could, change us as people and as a couple, and enjoy life […]