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The Art Of Slow Travel

“Are you happy you moved to Portland?”
“It’s home for now. We’re slow traveling through the Pacific Northwest. I’ll know when it’s time to leave.”
That’s how I used to answer. But the quizzical stares and long explanations soon had me changing my answer to “yes, I love it.” It’s easier that way.

I’ve given up talking about […]

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When Your Reinvention Takes A Side Road

I couldn’t wait to move on.

I made the decision to reinvent myself and make some pretty significant changes. It was a turning point in my life.

My daughter was finishing high school and moving 1200 miles away to college. So my husband and I did what any couple facing an empty nest would do; we sold […]

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50 Things I Learned From Living 50 Years

I think it’s impossible to mark a BIG birthday without having something to say about it. Maybe it’s because no one around me will let me forget it’s a BIG birthday. Or maybe it’s because I’ve made so many changes to my life in the past two years, reflecting and planning has become a part […]

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Why A Gap Year Sometimes Means Reinventing Yourself As A Family

Today I was featured in an associated press article that is going wild online.
When kids head off to college, some parents go with them
(you can also see it here: US Parents Following Kids To College For Gap Year and Parents Are Moving To The Same Towns Where Their Kids Go To College )
Its explains in […]

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Our Biggest Hurdle To Gap Year … Stuff

Why is it that in western society, our biggest hurdle is stuff? And probably more so in the US than anywhere on earth?

We’re a nation of spenders, having to buy something for just about everything we do. Head to a kitchen store and you’ll find a gadget for anything you can think of (any many […]

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Meetup Helps You Live Like A Local

What did people do before the Internet? How did you plan and live a Gap Year without it?

Okay, maybe people didn’t plan and live a Gap Year years ago quite as frequently as they do today. In fact, I know Gap Years are a relatively new phenomena, especially for the empty nest crowd like us.

A […]

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Gap Year … Redefining What We Choose To Do

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new section, all about our Gap Year.

Many years ago, Andrew and I had a crazy dream to get rid of all our stuff and travel the world. Not forever. Just for a while. Just to see everything we could, change us as people and as a couple, and enjoy life […]

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