Surrendering To A Friendlier Lifestyle

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We all interpret the world in our own unique way.
Some of us approach each day with rose-colored glasses.
Some of us look at the cup as half full.
Some of us consistently say “my way or the highway.”
One isn’t right; one isn’t wrong.

But maybe Einstein had it right when he said:
“The most important decision we make is […]

How To Surround Yourself With Newness

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Let’s face it; we’re creatures of habit. That’s why we live in the same towns, sometimes for our entire lives. That’s why we buy houses and live in them year after year. That’s why we eat at the old, familiar restaurants rather than venturing out and trying something new.

Because new is scary. New makes you […]

Creating Your Meaning And Pushing Forward To The Best There Is

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You know what IT is.

Because we all have an IT. It’s what we’re striving for, what we want in this world, no matter what. IT is our goal. IT is our dream. IT is our passion. It’s all we see.

In order to find IT, we move forward. Sometimes we choose how to move; sometimes the […]

How My 2016 Action Plan Is Different From My 2015

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I threw away my template for my 2016 action plan.

You see, every year I sit down with a fairly comprehensive template that helps me look at things like:

What successes I had during the year
What didn’t work out so well
What I would change
What I want to add
New ideas I want to incorporate into my life

I spend […]

What To Do When Your Day Goes To Hell

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I started out with the greatest of intentions.

I would get up, meditate, journal, do a little bit of yoga. Then it’s off to my writing chair where I would pound out a couple of thousand words on my latest book.

But then I heard the rain.

And I snuggled for an extra hour.

I opened up my email […]

Look Into This Crystal Ball … It Will Tell You Your Future Right Now

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Do you remember those fortuneteller machines you would find at carnivals? You put a couple of quarters in, she would wave her hands over her crystal ball, and a few moments later out would pop your fortune, informing you of something big that would happen to you at some point in the future.

I was fascinated […]

One Thing In, One Thing Out

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When is the last time you peered into your bedroom closet and really looked at what’s in there?

Closets today are small rooms from yesteryear. I remember my Grandma’s closet – really not much more space than a small coat closet would have today. She hung her bathrobe on a hook over the door. And everything […]

How To Explain Your Simplification Process To Others

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One day we got tired of having stuff. It wasn’t that the “stuff” did anything wrong. We just really focused in on our lives and decided that “stuff” didn’t do it for us anymore.

We looked outward to what we truly wanted. We wanted to experience things that “stuff” couldn’t offer us. We new we wanted […]

A New Approach To Education

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I’ve been watching a recent series of TED videos – the top videos from 2011. And all the way at #2 was a video by Salman Khan on rethinking education. After a few minutes I was hooked. What a brilliant concept. Instead of having kids bored in school, listening to lecture after lecture, they watch […]

What Can You Do With Less Space?

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When we first decided to sell our home, we did so for a variety of reasons. One being we had 3300 square feet of space, yet pretty much spent all of our time in one third of it.

So we moved to a 1100 square foot condo. And while we’re pretty proud of the face we […]

How To Sell Half Your Stuff

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As you move through life, you start accumulating stuff.

Then you move to a bigger house, and you accumulate more stuff.

Then you have a child, and you buy a bigger house, and accumulate even more.

That seems to be the vicious cycle we’re on.

And of course we fell into the trap as well. When we started out […]

Teaching What They Already Know

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If you talk to a parent, teacher – well, really anyone over 35 – the first thing they will tell you about is the disconnect when it comes to technology.

A child today is born with technology in their hand. Yes, they can program your “VCR”. And so much more. They use your smart phone at […]