Where Is Your 100 Percent Going To?

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Bring in the light.
Don’t conquer the darkness.
For years now, Oprah and Deepak Chopra have put together three 21 day meditation programs each year designed to help you improve one portion of your life. They offer the training for free for a few days, and for purchase to download and take with you on your […]

What’s Happening To Our Future?

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“Was it really like that back then?”

Think about how much has changed in our lifetimes.

Do you remember landlines? Yep, me too. A few years ago I had to explain them to my daughter.

Remember the first computer you purchased? Today’s teenagers and even some twenty-somethings don’t remember a time without them.

Remember using maps when you went […]

3 Lies Every 50-Something Needs To Stop Believing

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Let’s be honest here; many people approach midlife struggling with the question “what’s next?”

We are taught that life works in step-by-step order. Simply check off each item as you complete it.

High school
Good job
Dream home
Dream car
Dream vacations
Everything works out perfectly, and we have the ideal […]

36 Truths I Wish Somebody Had Told Me About Reinvention, Midlife, Changing, And Loving Yourself All Over Again

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On Reinvention

Every day you are a different person. What worked for you yesterday won’t work for you today. What works for you today won’t work for you tomorrow. Yet every day is important to help build you into who you are meant to be. Enjoy the ride. It all adds up to one great life.

On […]

Stop Listening To The Wrong Voices

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I didn’t expect much. Still, I had to get it over with.

So the phone call came in, I picked up the phone.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m selling my house. I’m moving someplace new for a year. We’ll see what we do from there.”
“Are you crazy?”
“You’re almost fifty.”
“Now isn’t the time to do something ridiculous […]

Who Failed You?

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It all started by reading an email from a man I’ve followed for months.

I was intrigued before I even opened it. The subject line:
Who Failed You?
That could be taken in so many ways.

Read it again.
Who failed you?
What flashed before your eyes? What people, things, situations made their mark?

You know the mark I’m talking about. That […]

Why I Decided To Get My Sexy On

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Everyone wants to know the secret to a long life, a happy marriage.

We’re fascinated by it.

If you live to be 100, there must be some secret to it. And if you stay married for 30, 40, 50 years or more, there has to be a magical spell that allows it to be so.

I’ve read books […]

How The Art Of Cooking Helped Me Get Unstuck

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I remember when cooking was a chore.

My daughter declared herself a vegetarian at three. I figured it was a trend. So we ate “vegetarian” chicken and “vegetarian” turkey for many months until my ploy was discovered. Yes, looking back I’ll admit it probably wasn’t my greatest move. But I was a mom. I wanted my […]

What To Do When You Run Out Of Options

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I don’t read newspapers or listen to the news on tv/radio anymore. Why? They’re filled with articles of people that have run out of options.
Like the person that is getting ready to enter her junior year of college and has no idea what to major in, doesn’t even like the courses she’s studying, has no […]

Yes or No, There Is No Other Way

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I watched a small girl run around at the farmers market this weekend. She looked expectantly at her mom as she reached for a strawberry. “No, don’t touch.” The little girl moved on.

I saw her again a while later. At the edge of the park where the booths are set up there is a water […]

This Relationship Isn’t Working Anymore: How To Reinvent Yourself Without The Soul-Sucking Person In Your Life

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Social media is ending relationships as we know them.

Now you may read that and think that’s a good thing, or you may read that and think of it in a bad way. The debate is heavy in both arenas.

After all, if you spend all your time online, you’ll become a recluse, won’t have any close […]

10 Steps To Help You Answer “Why Am I Stuck In A Rut”

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I was stuck in a rut.

Every single day, it was more of the same. Over and over again.

Now don’t get me wrong, for many people, it may seem like a great way to spend the day.

It went something like this.

Up in the morning. Meditate. Journal for 30 minutes. Write. Breakfast with family. Work out. Client […]