What I Want…

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How many a-ha moments do you have every day?

I try and gain one early in the morning, as fast as I can. That’s why I read. Books. Posts. Articles. It doesn’t matter. I read something new until I get that a-ha in my mind.

Today it hit me when I read this.
“Want” is the older brother […]

Why It’s Time To Shed Our Good Girl Image

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A long time ago, I was born into this world as a good girl. I was an only child until my sister arrived when I was seven years old. That’s a long time in the life of a child.

I was a good girl. A good girl was always quiet, did things on her own. A […]

What Are You Looking For?

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Reap what you sow.

We’ve all heard that saying before, maybe even used it. But how many times do we take it to heart?

Your actions and your words determine the course of action for your life. What you do AND what you say will ultimately determine your direction. I see it every day in the way […]

Why We Want To Change In Midlife and The Top 25 Things We Discover

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You can’t have a BIG birthday and not face the music about having a midlife crisis. Your family and friends won’t let you.

You’ll be sprayed with all kinds of well-wishes, sentiments, and mementos that tell you you’ve now reached the age where you’re officially over the hill.

And trust me, you will feel it. It hits […]

It Starts Getting Good When You Finally Give Up

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Do you know the story of the woman who goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this?” The doctor responds, “Then stop doing that.”

You keep pushing the same place. You keep poking at the same problem. (poke, poke, poke) You keep thinking the same thought, over and over again.

Every morning […]

Why Visualization Works … If You Do These Things

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I’m a “glass half full” kind of person. If there’s a way to look at something through a positive set of eyes, I’m there.

I read several books a week, many that teach different theories about operating in life with a positive mindset. But in almost every case, advice can be summed up in one sentence: […]

Some People Just Know How To Do Life

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There’s an art to doing life the right way.

It doesn’t involve making more money, working longer hours, running to more places, accumulating more things.

It does involve knowing who you are, deliberately choosing your moments every day, surrounding yourself with only things that give you pleasure, AND taking the time to enjoy each and every moment […]

What Do You Do When The Creative Juices Die

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I attended a writing group recently. Sort of a self help, mentoring, give and get advice group in which ten of us sit around as support for one another.

I explained my dilemma. I was having trouble getting my non-fiction book finished, my fiction book edited, and keeping up with writing a post for my blog, […]

Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Life?

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I remember once when my daughter was little, I was burning the candle at both ends. I was lucky if I got four hours of sleep each night, rising before everyone else to have a writing time in the peace and quiet, and staying up until the wee hours in order to complete all projects […]

Getting Lost To Get Found

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I’m glad I don’t work the 9 to 5 lifestyle anymore. I remember it all too well.

I remember one day in particular that I simply didn’t think I could do it any longer. Yet I had no choice. Two hours left until I “punched the clock” and headed out the door.

I sat there. I chatted […]

5 Ways To Move Forward When You Think You’re Too Old

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Have you ever uttered the phrase “I’m too old for that”?


In almost all cases, it’s simply not true.

Because age is only something in our minds. Its something we assign ourselves based on what society says we should be doing, feeling. It shouldn’t control you. It should never hold you back.

And if it does, you should […]

How To Stay Relevant In Today’s Marketplace

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I surf.

Not in the traditional sense, where you bring a large board down to the beach, hop on board, paddle out, and ride a huge wave in.

No, I net surf instead. If fact, I kind of consider myself to be a net surfing expert. Give me any subject and I know can dive down and […]