So, your business is growing rapidly, but you haven’t made a commitment to sending out newsletters because of the time and expense? Why not try an e-Zine?

An e-Zine is an online or electronic newsletter. e-Zine’s are gaining in popularity because of their effectiveness with existing and potential clients, and their relatively low cost. You can start an on-line subscription, and if you manage the posting and the sending yourself, you can produce your e-Zine for nothing more than a few hours of your time.

First, start with a fairly simple format, and build from there. Subscribe to a variety of online newsletters to see how other people are presenting their materials. Then take the ideas you like the best, and set up your template, and fill in the blanks with your information. Keep the articles simple and to the point, and provide links back to your site for explanations and examples.

Next, establish a timeline for sending your e-Zine to your subscribers. As your content grows, your clients will begin looking forward to your information, and any special offers you may be giving them. Timeliness is the key to success. Don’t let the days slip by because posting your e-Zine is not important. Keep it at the top of your “to do” list, and present it on a regular basis!

Remember to promote your e-Zine in all of your literature. Letting people know they can subscribe to your newsletter in just as important as letting them know your web address. Consider mailing a postcard to all of your existing clients to let them know of your new venture! Take pride in what you are doing – it will show!

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