Dear Friend,

Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about your business? Has your path to bringing your Big Idea to market been one of the greatest accomplishments of your career?

I completely get it. Nothing brings back the excitement quite like remembering those first few years of making the jump from “JOB” to my very first business model. I was excited! I was passionate! And it showed in everything I did.

But as much as I loved what I was doing, I also remember where I had my biggest problems.

As passionate as I was about what I did, I often had trouble making others “see” what I did with as much passion as I had. And I knew they weren’t “hearing” what I had to say because of the questions they asked again and again.

How Do You Know What You Have To Say Isn’t The Way Its Being Heard?

When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I didn’t know much about marketing. But I quickly made the association between great marketing and the ability to generate sales. If I didn’t figure out the marketing thing, I wouldn’t make any sales. And I liked my house and my lifestyle a little too much to let it all slip away.

So I had to figure out what this marketing thing was all about. And while I attended A LOT of classes and invested in A LOT of programs, it didn’t take me very long to realize that one thing mattered more than anything else.

You see, the problem with marketing is most people make it way to “cold”. They make it about themselves when clearly marketing should always be about the one you are promoting yourself to.

Once you “get it” and see how you can pitch what you do in a clearer way, you’re business will thrive in a much easier way.

There Are Simple Ways To Perfect Your Pitch And Talk Your Potential Clients’ Language … Without Sounding Like A Used Car Salesperson

I’m going to walk you through some of the things I’ve learned in over 20 years of running a business about pitching what you do. There’s the “ho hum” way and the “WOW!” way – and when you learn the difference, you’ll be able to bypass the “ho hum” way once and for all.

I know you have a passion for business. And I know you want everyone to love your Big Idea as much as you do. The trick is to not ruin your chances of creating a potential connection by scaring them away with strategies used in the old world (you know, the heavy hitting things used car salespeople are famous for).

Here Are A Few Of The Things You’ll Discover …

  • A simple formula for coming up with the perfect pitch in every situation, and never, ever again be perceived as a SALESPERSON.
  • How to talk about what you do in a way that captures attention, not detracts from what you do.Vision of Success Private Coaching
  • The 5 things you SHOULD NEVER SAY when talking with anyone about your business! (People make this mistake all the time, and its literally costing them a whole lot of money and a lot of great relationships!)
  • Simple ways to determine what you should say (and more importantly what you shouldn’t say) every time you talk about your business!

Please understand that creating the perfect pitch can turn you from a salesperson to a client attractor. This one formula can shorten the timeframe you’ll need to begin playing in a much bigger marketplace simply by being specific with what you do and who you wish to speak to. When people “get it”, it makes your job of marketing a whole lot easier.

And soft selling is really a great place to be! When you’re clear about who you are and what your business does, your customers and partners come easier because they “get it” too!

Here’s What You Get

This will be a live training call, and will take place on January 29, 2015 at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern. You will have full access to attend the training live, with all information emailed to you prior to the event. If you cannot attend the training live, you will be provided with a link to access the recording within 24 hours of the class time listed above.

The fee is $97 to access this training.

I guarantee this will be money well spent.

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