Want to get your week off to a great start?

For business owners who want one-on-one advice, I make my Visioneering Sessions available each week.

Each Monday, I reserve 2 hours for my Visioneering Sessions.Visioneering Sessions

There are 2 slots of 30 minutes each.

The fee for a 30 minute slot if $99.

All sessions are conducted via SKYPE.

During the session, we focus in on anything you choose. It may be a question you have about your Big Idea. It may be an issue you have with your marketing. It may be a block you have when putting together your strategy. It may be problem you have building your product or service.

Or something entirely different. It’s your time. It’s your agenda. I’ll give it my all and give you all the tips, strategies, resources and connections I can think of during our time together.

There are no catches, hidden agendas or obligations. The 30 minutes is yours to use any way you choose.

At the end of our session, one of three things can happen:

1. You feel our time together wasn’t beneficial, in which case I’ll refund your fee in full.
2. You have your a-ha moment, and you take your advice and move on with your plans.
3. You find value in our time together and we explore continuing our relationship in the future.

If you’ve never experienced coaching before, you’ll be wowed by how much we achieve in so little time.

If you want to use your time more efficiently, I welcome you to submit background information to me in advance of your session via email.

To complete your order, get started by clicking the buy button below. You’ll be forwarded to check out and pay either by credit card or by Paypal. Once I receive confirmation of your payment, I will send you which Monday sessions are available; choose the most convenient one for you. Then I’ll send you all of the information you need to take full advantage of our coaching time together, including SKYPE information on how to reach me at your designated time.