“I started my blog a year ago, and at first I loved writing on it. Several times a week I found myself sitting down and writing things that I really felt like writing about. Lately I sit down and find myself staring at the screen for 30 minutes or more before I shut everything down and tell myself “tomorrow”. Is it time for me to shut down the business? Or is there a way I can overcome this challenge?”

Great question. And don’t worry, you’re not the first person to hit this situation.

When You Just Don’t Feel Like It – 7 Steps To Just Doing ItEven the happiest, most upbeat person in the world has their down days. Days where they simply feel like nothing is right and they just don’t want to do anything.

There will always be some periods of time where you simply feel like you’re on top of the world. You want to share everything you can. You want to move forward. You wish there were 25 hours to the day instead of 24. If you only had the time, you’d do so much more.

And then there are other days.

Tip #1: Accept those days.

If you are always giving 110 percent, there are some days where you’ll simply need to take a break. And breaks are just as important as your go go go days. Give yourself the time you need to get back on your feet again.

Tip #2: Find the root of the problem.

For every action, there is a reaction. If you are feeling down, not ready to do anything within your business, why? Step away from your business and really think about why you are feeling the way you do. Have you had a bad customer experience? Is your product/service line not motivating you? Are your profits falling behind? When you really look, you’ll find there is something that isn’t quite right about your business. And if you’re not happy with one piece, it will come out in many ways.

Tip #3: Do something completely out of the ordinary.

You know you have a problem. You’ve discovered what you’re not happy with. Now its time to look at life in a completely different way. When you have trouble and have the “I just don’t feel like doing it” feeling, its time to get away. Yep, these are the perfect times for taking a vacation. Or going to a seminar by a mentor you’ve never studied under before. The new energy you’ll receive by stepping outside of yourself for a day, a few days, a week, or more will do wonders for your soul. And your business!

Tip #4: Go back to the beginning.

Why did you start this business up in the first place? So many times business owners fall into the trap of doing something just because it’s the expected route. They start up a new service because a client asked for it. Or they changed their products because someone made a suggestion. Yet over the years, things have changed so much, you hardly recognize your original goals anymore. Why did you start this business in the first place? That original intent may still be viable. And it may be ready for you to come back and take control.

Tip #5: Step into the future.

One year from today, what would you like to be doing? Put aside any road blocks (such as I can’t afford it, or I don’t have the resources for it) and focus in on what you would truly like to do. In some cases it may bring you back to the beginning of your business. And in some cases it may be a completely switch in business goals to the point you sell one business and start up another. The key is to find your happiness back.

Tip #6: Find one thing that motivates you.

As you work your way through tips 1 through 5, you’ll begin to find things that bring joy to your life. Start there. That’s where you begin as you start writing for your blog again. It may be something relevant to your past posts, or it may be an entirely new thought. Either way, go with the flow. Your new way of thinking may bring about an entirely new line within your business.

Tip #7: Embrace the change.

Too many times people get stuck in wanting things to be the way they’ve always been. Change is inevitable. It’s the only thing we can be entirely sure about. When you realize change will happen with or without your consent, you’ll start feeling more at ease with the changes going on around you.

Change is a good thing. And if it completely changes the way you currently do business, to the point you shut one thought down and move into an entirely new direction, that’s okay. Our experiences always build on each other. You are who you are today because of what you’ve gone through all the years of your life. And that will continue to change you and help you grow. Embrace it and go with it.

Tomorrow will be truly enjoyable if you accept that and move in the direction you are meant to be.