SketchBook Pro
Are you a doodler? Do you like to draw out your ideas as you think of them? Then you’ll love SketchBook Pro. It provides you with a complete set of sketching and painting tools that allow you to design directly with the iPad multi-touch interface. You’ll have high quality brushes and tools that allow you to draw and create a variety of drawings right on your iPad canvas. Perfect for impromptu meetings with friends or your staff.

What’s one thing your iPad can’t do? Be a word processor. Or wait, now it can with Pages.

Pages gives you all the tools you need to create and share documents. From templates to advanced layout tools, you’ll be able to create documents in no time. Incorporate your photos and videos, resize and rotate your page, create columns, or add tables. This will be a definite tool you can’t live without on the road and everywhere else.


deskPad Office
Love sticky notes? Then deskPad Office is for you. Create to-do lists, add notes to yourself, draw pictures, or add maps – if your monitor is loaded with sticky reminders, this will be one app you can’t get enough of.

When you’re out creating on your iPad, chances are you’ll find something you want to print. From web pages, to email, to documents and photos, PrintCentral handles it all. It works by printing directly via WiFi, and works with any printer and any type of document via your Mac, PC or 3G.

For a free app, Evernote is a very powerful program. You can easily create notes using text, photos and audio files, organize and synchronize them with your Mac, PC or web.
Build up your favorites, and instantly have access to any of your information at any time.

If you use Facebook and Twitter, you have to have HootSuite. HootSuite makes managing your social accounts a whole lot easier. They have a light version, or upgrade to the pro version for $2.99. HootSuite gives you the power to manage all of your Twitter accounts, update your Facebook profile and pages, set up Twitter searches, track your results along the way, and automate a lot of what you do.


The Packing app is a great way to get organized when you’re heading out of town. Whether for the holidays in your hometown, or a wedding in a far away land, this app can be your friendly reminder as you remember things when you’re out and about.

Delivery Status Touch

Delivery Status Touch is the app to have if you do a lot of shipping. This will help you track packages from many of the shipping services, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and more.

Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy is the easiest way to make sure you are getting the best price possible. Simply scan an item by bar code and your Shop Savvy app will find you the best price around.


TripIt handles the details of your next trip. List your flight, reservations, tours and trips out in one handy app. It stores them all safely and even reminds you before events occur.