Is it a secret club?

Can anyone join?

Is it something that you just have to be born with?

Once you’re an entrepreneur, its hard to imagine ever going back to the “job” mentality. You simply get too used to being on your own, doing things on your own, and controlling your own destiny.

But there are things you can do to move your business to the next level. become a successful entrepreneur

1. Stay organized. Have you ever met with someone who doesn’t take notes, promises you things, and never follow through? It’s not a sign of weakness to write things down, and it can help you become even more focused. Keep everything in its place, including your goals and tasks.

2. Use every tool available to you. People talk all the time about new technology (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc). But you like doing things the old way – why change? By changing and trying new things, you may make your business even more profitable, and cut your work time down by minutes or even hours with automation. Efficiency should be on your mind every time you hear of something new.

3. Be connectable. If I want to email you, find your website, connect on Facebook, or find out what you’re saying on Twitter, I should easily be able to connect. Put your links in your emails, on the home page of your site, and in your newsletters.

4. Outsource whenever possible. There are a ton of options today, from virtual assistants to consultants. Always free up your time by handing off tasks that can easily be accomplished by others.

5. Create action lists. Do you have a to-do list? How big is it? I record everything in spiral and 3 ring notebooks. Then I prioritize into three levels. I always work my 1 priorities first, followed by my 2’s, and then my 3’s. I can tell you I almost never get to my 3’s. Which means I’m learning how to not take on 3’s altogether.

6. Control your risk. A great entrepreneur takes on risk no easier than someone working at a job. She understands the impact of each action she chooses, and only takes on those tasks that have a somewhat guaranteed outcome.

7. Fix problems quickly. Ignoring things won’t make them go away. And with social media, an ignored problem can quickly snowball into a HUGE problem. Correct the problem, and even consider doing it publicly on your blog, if appropriate.

8. Start a blog. Blogging is by far the most beneficial thing you can do for your business. Want to join me in setting your blogging goals?

9. Ask for help. Have you ever thought how much each of us accomplishes each year? Now compare that with what your great-grandparents did in a year. Because we live in an instant society, we’re expected to do things instantly. It is possible – with help. Do what you do best. And hire others for what they do best. You’ll cut your work load down tremendously, and you’ll see the results very quickly.

10. Reward yourself. It’s easy to say, “I didn’t finish my to-do list today.” But it’s much more difficult saying, “I did a great job today.” Make it a practice to reward your successes, no matter how little they are. A positive outlook will make you that much more successful.

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