Is “lifestyle design” a buzzword of the 21st century? Yep. And like many buzzwords that make an appearance in our lives, it will change and maybe even die over time.

Do a quick search and you will find two distinct audiences that write about lifestyle design.

The first loves it, preaches it and teaches it. They tell you the only way to move forward in today’s world is to design the perfect lifestyle that allows you to travel when you want, work when you want, and have the lifestyle others dream about.

The second loathes the concept. They feel the entire concept is anything but true. And if you keep “shoving” the concept out to your community, they see it and look at you like your arrogant, egotistical, and ultimately aren’t happy with your true professional and/or personal life.

I can see it from both points of view. Yet for me, lifestyle design really isn’t about following someone else’s plans or putting action in areas you don’t believe in. Instead, lifestyle design is all about you.

#1 Lifestyle Design Lets You Plan Your 24 Hour Days

Every single day of our lives is broken up into 24 hour periods. Some people are morning people, some are late night people. Designing your perfect life means doing what you want when you want to do it.

#2 Lifestyle Design Allows You Look At Your Life Through Different Glasses

What does success and happiness mean to you? It may be working for the boss. It may be creating your own business. It may be working with customers and employees. Or it may mean traveling every day of the year. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about how you view it.

#3 Lifestyle Design Is More Than Working From Home In Your PJs

I’ve worked at home for years. But there is one thing I’ve never done – worked in my PJs. Theirs is something about getting up and getting ready for the day that motivates me and makes me feel like I’m heading in to work. If your PJs make you happy, go for it. If you prefer a large corner office in the city, that’s fine too.

#4 Lifestyle Design Doesn’t Equate To Less Work

The purpose of designing your lifestyle doesn’t mean you want to sit on the beach 24 hours of the day with a Corona in your hand. While that may sound good for a week or two, I’m willing to bet that would eventually get boring. Lifestyle design involves loving what you do. And if that means burning the midnight oil once in awhile, that’s okay too.

#5 Lifestyle Design Means Different Things To Different People

I love being at home working with nothing more than the radio on and my laptop on my lap. Some people would go crazy without an office of people to chat with every day.

#6 Lifestyle Design Allows You To Determine What You Want To Do

A million dollar company, or a Internet business that gives you just enough income to do what you want to do – which is best for you? Whatever your style, whatever you need to fulfill your dreams, that’s the path for you.

#7 Lifestyle Design Is Still About Business

I read an article the other day about a senior software developer who works remotely from his RV while he travels around the country with his family. He works from 4am to noon every day, and then spends the afternoon with his family. That’s what makes him happy. That’s his lifestyle design in place. He realizes he needs his business to sustain his lifestyle and it remains an important part of his life. Yet he does it on his time from his location, and loves every minute it allows him to spend with his family.

#8 Lifestyle Design Isn’t About Outsourcing Everything

Think you can outsource everything you do to other people? Think again. While its important to rely on others where and when you can, you are still in control of your ultimate destiny. If you don’t have a finger on the pulse at all times, your success will be hard to find.

#9 Lifestyle Design Should Be About Designing The Perfect Career

Lets face it; unless you are a trust fund holder, you will have to work for a living. Yet too many of us fall in the trap of doing something just because we make money at it and it was the only thing available when we looked. What’s holding you back? A friend wouldn’t look beyond his current hometown, so he missed all kinds of opportunities that exist around the world. Another friend had to have a certain income level at all times, so she missed the opportunity to start a business doing something she loved. It’s not that you don’t have the opportunities in front of you; its more likely you ignore the opportunities because of a predetermined condition you’ve built up in your mind.

#10 Lifestyle Design Is Sometimes About Moving Backwards Before You Move Forwards

Have the big house or the high car payment and can’t make a change because of it? To me, lifestyle design is about looking at what is truly important to you and putting all the rest aside. If you want to build a business, it may mean selling your home and moving into something smaller. If that’s what you determine it to mean. Priorities count in lifestyle design. What are yours?

#11 Lifestyle Design Isn’t About Building A Business So You Can Do Something Else

Most businesses fail even under the best of times. If you decide to create a business to allow you to do something else, you are stacking the odds completely against you. Lifestyle design is about loving what you do and designing things that allow you to live the life you choose.

#12 Lifestyle Design Is About Vision – See It, Do It, Live It

You have to see your ideal lifestyle before you plan for it, accomplish it, and live it on a daily basis. Too many of us allow life to happen instead of taking charge and creating it. Lifestyle design should be about designing all of your 24 hours of the day, and being happy in every single one of them.