Zero to one million signups in 30 days.

Build a million dollar company this year.

I’ll admit it; I’m an information junkie. If someone has an ezine signup, or an RSS feed to his or her blog, and I see it has value, I’m in. iStock_000005707390XSmall

I scroll through a ton of information every day. And while very little of it offers brand new ideas, I’m a firm believer in the right information appears when you’re ready for it.

But after years of working on my business, I must admit the get rich schemes are circling like never before.

Everyone has the next best thing, and you’re “guaranteed” to make a million doing it. Overnight of course.

After reading yet another promise today, I got to thinking about why 99% of all people who jump on board with this type of material never succeed. Why can they get so excited up front, yet never achieve success with it? And in most cases its little or no success.

1. The dream. How many people out there are floating along without a dream? They’ve worked for years, only to lose their job in hard economic times. They can’t find another one, so they jump into a “proven way to get rich quick”. And they keep dreaming.

Every opportunity does have its success stories. But what makes them a success is they took action. They treated it like a full time career, worked at it HARD every day, and slowly saw it grow.

2. The one-day wonder. No matter how many times you hear or read it, nobody can achieve success in one day.

When you read the stories about newbies who jump on board with a new business opportunity, and make thousands or even millions in a few days, they leave the most important parts. They don’t tell you the person has been studying similar business models for years. They don’t tell you about the years of experience with other ventures. They don’t tell you about the other failures. They don’t tell you about the knowledge they’ve built up over time, and have ready in their arsenal to apply to this new venture.

3. The high expectation. If others do it, you can too. You set your expectations high, without realizing the follow through it’s going to take to get you to the same level.

While there is nothing wrong with having high expectations, without a course of action, it’s doomed for failure. Chunk it down. You have to crawl before you walk. And walk before you run. To achieve a goal in one month, what are the action steps you’ll need to get there?

Success isn’t for the lucky. It’s for those that plan out every day, and know exactly how they’re going to achieve what they’ve always dreamt of.