I’ve been speaking to a lot of different groups these past few weeks, and have a variety of presentations yet to give in September. Each group is a little different, and I always try and focus some of my material on things that directly impact the audience. speaking

As I was planning for my presentation later this week, I got to thinking about the differences between a speaking presentation and sales presentation. What are the differences?

Both provide information. Both motivate the listener to take action. Both hope for some type of outcome.

So are there really that many differences?

In both cases, your ultimate goal is for someone to take action. If you are presenting to a client, you want them to buy your product or service. If you are presenting to a group, you may wish to make connections with members in the group for future business.

Here are 3 things you can do to help you become better at presenting:

1. Plan carefully
The last thing you want to do is show up to speak in front of a group of people, and not have a polished presentation. It will show immediately, and your expertise will dwindle away. Outline what you are going to say. Provide bullet points for each topic you will cover. Research and find relevant statistics. Have stories and testimonials ready. The more prepared you are, the more your expertise will shine through, the more success you’ll have.

2. Communicate visually
In order for people to have the desire to take action, they have to “see” what you are talking about. Don’t assume they have knowledge on a subject matter unless you know them personally. Start at the beginning. Set the stage. Provide the background and lead them into a current situation. Let them see themselves in your pictures. If you can get them to feel like you understand them and their problems, you have new clients.

3. Present with perfection
I remember starting out in my first business. We had one package we tried to sell to our clients that we really didn’t like, and we felt didn’t provide the best service for our customers. Guess how we sold it?

“Well, its here if you really want it.”
“It’s not the best and doesn’t offer everything you really should have.”
“Its affordable but really doesn’t allow you to have everything you need.”

Yes, we didn’t sell it very well. And the couple of people who did buy it were lousy customers. They were problems all the way through, and quickly taught us a lesson.

If you don’t like something, and can’t sell it with perfection, don’t sell it at all.

Find a friend or relative and talk through your presentation. Can you talk with passion? Do you love what you are doing? Can you sell your information effortlessly? Sales presentations really aren’t about the sales if you love it and are passionate about it.

Your passion will shine through. And people will be attracted to you because of it. And the sales will simply come.

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