On Reinvention

Every day you are a different person. What worked for you yesterday won’t work for you today. What works for you today won’t work for you tomorrow. Yet every day is important to help build you into who you are meant to be. Enjoy the ride. It all adds up to one great life.

On Change

Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it that way. Being alive gives you the ability to change. Do “IT” sooner rather than later. You get to enjoy it more.

On Midlife

Midlife changes with every passing year. That’s why today’s 40 is yesterday’s 30. We become better. We are healthier. We strive for more. We expect only the best. And with that comes our ability to make every day more meaningful. Midlife isn’t a time to fear; it’s the best time of our lives.

On The Best Life Possible

The best life you can lead is one where you are present and focused on who you are today.

On Loving Yourself

Loving yourself comes in the form of self-care. It’s putting yourself first so that you can be better for everyone around you.

On Doing What YOU ARE Supposed To Do

Every choice you make guides you to be where you are today. It takes courage to say YES to the things that will help you grow the most. It takes more courage to say NO to the things other people want you to do. Knowing the difference is how you find YOU.

On Following Advice

It’s easy following everyone else’s advice. It’s free and given unreservedly. What’s more difficult is listening to your internal voice that would never steer you wrong.

On Being Sexy

Sexy is a state of mind. It’s being comfortable in your own skin. Being sure of who you are. When you feel sexy, you exude confidence. When you’re happy with where you are, it shows in many ways.

On Loving Your Spouse/Partner

True intimacy comes with connection and commitment. You never fully know all of who they are – and that’s exciting! Pleasure comes from taking notice of that every day.

36 Truths

On Having Fun

Everything in your life should bring you joy. If it doesn’t, why do it? A smile – even internally – is worth everything.

On Turning 50

Every age comes with its own stigma. Realizing it’s just a number, and only you can understand your true age, that comes from knowing yourself. Would you ever go back and be who you once were? So why not relish in all the glory that comes with diving head on to a new age?

On Being Creative

Creativity means thinking differently. It means never going with the status quo. It means trying new things and enjoying the process along the way.

On Changing Directions

Life is a journey. Nobody says you have to stay on the same path forever. The past may be cast in stone, but the future is wide-open, uncharted territory.

On Having Faith In Yourself

You can never steer yourself wrong if you pay attention to your inner voice. It will always guide the way and lead you towards being your best.

On Feminism

Feminism allows a woman to be recognized for being the best she can be. It never separates men and women; it brings us closer and gives us strength, together.

On Attraction

That undeniable pull you have towards someone for an unexplained reason. You know it, you’ve felt it. It’s not sexual, though it can be. It’s that instantaneous feeling you get when a relationship has potential. I’ve felt it with my husband. I’ve felt it with my business partners. I’ve felt it with my best friends. You just “know” when something is about to be good. Always go with it and see where it leads.

On Moving Forward

Nothing is as scary as the future. The more you feed your fears, the more stuck you will become. Learn to have a better selection process in place and move forward once a decision is made. Do it without mental-bashing about missed opportunities and incorrect decisions.

On Choosing A New Path

Whatever you dream, however you change, the path in front of you can be altered in an instant. It may be scary, but blazing new trails is never boring.

On Health

You can’t get it back once it’s gone. The only way to stay on top is to live each day with convictions. Eating, exercise, sleep, mental health, relationships, love and sex, spiritual growth – all of it keeps you in top form. Live like today is your 100th birthday – and this is how healthy you choose to be.

On Food

Nothing makes you healthier than fueling your body with the right fuel. A car cannot run on garbage. Neither can our bodies. Clean fuel comes in the form of being chemically free, fabulously grown and produced, with no fear or contamination throughout the process.

On Indulgences

Give yourself permission to savor what’s most meaningful to you. Don’t take it away. Bring it into your life sparingly to enjoy it all the more. Even someone who lives in paradise needs a vacation from time to time.

On Living In The Present

Relaxation comes from having no cares other than what is right in front of you. It comes from doing one thing at a time.

On Money

Money works when you enjoy it. So enjoy making it, enjoy saving it, enjoy spending it. Have priorities for all of it. Just never let it become your guiding priority.

On Wasted Money

Even wasted money has educational benefits. Bankruptcies teach business sense. Frivolous spending can teach you budgeting skills. Never belittle your spending mistakes; instead learn and grow.

On Moving To A New City

The best way to awaken your sense is to move someplace new with no expectations, little knowledge of the area. It requires you to learn a new culture, new demographics, sometimes a new language.

On Travel

Do it. Now. Do it more frequently. Go to new places, new cultures. Do everything you can to experience it all. It changes you as a person and makes you more attune to what this world has to offer.

On Leaving Old Friends Behind

You will outgrow many people in your life. It’s a natural state of being. They help you on your journey; guide you for a specified timeframe. No one is meant to be your guide from birth to earth except you.

On Pulling Away From People Who Don’t Share Your Point Of View

Being true to yourself sometimes means pulling away. It can make you seem unloving, unforgiving, uncaring. Yet to truly love and care for yourself, it requires you to be honest with who you are. To surround yourself with the people and things that make you grow.

On Parenting

If you really try, you’ll never fail. You’ll get a lot wrong. You’ll screw up more times than you can count. But in the end, trying is the only thing that matters.

On Careers

Jobs are meant to be fluid, always changing, always morphing into something new. A career changes as you age and grow. Staying in one place stunts your growth.

On Entrepreneurship

The best way to do what you love and make money at it too. It gives you the freedom to be whoever you choose to be.

On Writing

Writing is one of the most important skills we have, one that is crafted over years, with a ton of practice. There isn’t a correct way – only your audience dictates an acceptable way to write. As long as your message comes through loud and clear, your writing has true power.

On Communication

The most important skill never taught, always lacking. Hiding behind our fears limits our connection. Holding back your voice prevents it from being heard. People make assumptions if you don’t say it loud. Saying it makes it real, gives you the conviction necessary to make it real.

On Passion

Passion changes every day. It’s what motivates you to get up in the morning. It’s what motivates you to keep moving forward every day. It gives you a reason to live. Just do it. Every day.

On Love

Love yourself first and foremost. You can’t give what you don’t have. The harder you work on you, the more you have to share with others.

On Energy

Everything we do releases energy into this world. Only you can choose what that is. Only you can choose how you connect with those around you. What you give out will come back tenfold.