What are the most popular two words you’ll find on a business’s “About Us” page?

Under Construction

When Jerri approached me about writing their company’s About Us Page, she told me one of the most common stories I hear:

We’ve spent months having our designer create our site. Then they left it to us to write the content. We struggled to write up our services page. And our home page has struggled to say more than Hi and Welcome. By the time we got to our About Us page, we just threw up an Under Construction sign and told ourselves we would get back to it eventually. That was 14 months ago. At the time the owner said “who looks at an about us page anyway”, but after reading your information, I convinced him it wasn’t true.

Yes, most people leave the About Us Page until the end. Then as an afterthought, they put up a few words stating the obvious.

We’re a company that provides “this” service.

Or worse, the Under Construction sign goes up, never to come down again.

Yet statistically speaking, your About Us is the second most popular page on your site. What is “under construction” saying to all of those people that are looking at it, hoping it inspires them to move forward in their quest to find the best company to do business with?

5 Critical Things Your About Us Page Should Accomplish

1. Your About Us Page Should Contain Content … Lots Of It

Head over to a site like LinkedIn and look at a variety of personal pages. Who do you trust to do business with – a person with a couple of paragraphs, or a person with page after page of content, describing who they are and what they are all about?

The same applies to your About Us page. People want to know you. They want to get to know what you’re all about. How did you get here? Why does your company do what it does? Usually there are a lot of stories that surround why you’re here today. That’s the heart of your About Us page.

2. Your About Us Page Speaks To Your Audience

Who is your audience? Are they women or men? Twenty somethings or sixty somethings? Do they prefer detailed information or quick videos?

Your About Us page should mirror their expectations. Yet never forget you may have more than one audience, in which case your About Us page can have a variety of different voices and allow each person to select the most meaningful content to watch, read and enjoy.

3. Your About Us Page Should Develop Your Personality

We * Are * A * Company * That * Produces * X

Yes, you can write like a robot and give people the standard boring copy they’ll see on all of your competitors too. But that doesn’t set you apart. Is your company serious? Is it fun? Do you use fun titles for your business culture? Do you have quirky personalities?

Use that when writing your About Us page. Chances are you’ve developed a pattern in the clients that are attracted to you through networking and meeting with people in person. That same character can be shown in your About Us page is you write it up in a way that shows it off.

4. Your About Us Page Should Toot Your Own Horn

Nicole came to me and asked me to write her About Us after many failed attempts at writing it herself. When I visited the page she had created – after MANY hours of frustration – I immediately saw what her problem was. She didn’t feel comfortable making her About Us about her. Instead, she filled it with ways she could help her client. That’s not an About Us page – that’s a sales page for your products, services and customer service.

In Nicole’s defense, this is a huge problem people have when writing their About Us page – especially women. We’re taught to talk about the other guy, complement them on what they do, but never ever brag about yourself.

Get over it. That’s what your About Us page is for. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?

5. Your About Us Page Isn’t For You

When you sit down to write your About Us page, who are you writing it for?

In many cases, the person writing it assumes the end reader doesn’t need to know things or doesn’t have the desire. Nope, not true.

Sure, you know the reason you started your own business is because you lost three jobs in three years due to corporate downsizing. Your reader doesn’t. You know the reason you got into this business in the first place is because of a life-changing event in your youth. Your reader doesn’t.

Yet those are the things that make you more passionate, more human. And that’s who your clients want to do business with. They want to see your human side. And if you don’t give it to them, who will?

Now that you know how important your About Us page, what’s your next step? If you would like a little help in designing it, you’ll love my About Us Action Guide. I designed it to be the perfect step by step plan that walks you through how to come up with things to write about and how to put them together. You’ll quickly have a dynamic About Us page for your site – just fill in the blanks and go!