Already looking forward to the holidays? Starting to get your New Year’s resolutions in place? If one of them involves taking action on your “What’s Next?” idea, how do you know if 2013 will be your year to turn it into a success? Here are five trends that I see having a major impact in 2013.

1. Niches will continue to thrive.

Want to teach vegan concepts to 20-somethings starting out in their first home? Looking to sell safaris to 40-somethings in the middle of a life change? The future is yours.

We all know the standard industries we all grew up with are realizing huge setbacks. Does anyone truly need a traditional travel agent any more? Nope. But if someone specializes in something as niched as safari “awakenings” to 40-somethings who also need coaching on how to move forward with their lives, you have a very captive audience.

The reason behind this is we all want access to someone that has the expertise to understand exactly what we are going through, and offer relevant advice to help us along our journey.

2. Controlled content will be key.

I’m sure most people would agree that in today’s world, information is not a problem. We all have access to more information right this second than anyone could ever filter through in his or her lifetime.

The problem isn’t access to content; the problem lies with finding relevant content that pertains to the exact thing we need right now.

Ask yourself “How will my idea help my ultimate customer?” If you can create the perfect content that leads them from beginning to end, discovering exactly why they need your product or service, you will succeed.

3. Tablets will be the new technology norm.

When Apple launched its newest product over the weekend, the iPad Mini, it had a great weekend as far as numbers go. Before the holiday rush has set in, Apple announced 3 million iPads sold in a 3 day timeframe (they didn’t distinguish between iPad Mini, iPad 2 and iPad 4 with Retina display sales).

5 trends that will shape your ideas in 2013

The iPad isn’t alone. Many companies today are vying for tablet supremacy – look at recent sales of Kindle, or the expectation of Microsoft’s Surface. This generation of technology is a game changer. Yes, your desktop and laptop designs are dying a very quick death. Soon everything will be operated from tablet technology. Which means your idea must be approached with new technology in mind. Do you have a visual web presence? Is it visual in nature? Are you making all of your sites mobile ready?

4. Simplification.

The last thing anyone wants or needs is for something in life to be a little more difficult. When someone makes something easier for us, we hear a collective sigh.

The coming years will not be about “more stuff”, more complex processes, or things that add to our already busy schedule. If there is a way to give us more time, less work and a higher degree of satisfaction, it has potential.

5. It’s anything but business as usual.

If you’re starting up a new business, don’t look back for advice. In every industry in existence today, everything changes in a matter of seconds. You can’t be a great doctor, nutritionist, consultant, photographer, rock star or author, and do things the way people did them in the past. The world has changed and so has everything in it. Technology causes entire industries to become obsolete in a matter of months.

Now that’s not saying that in tomorrow’s world, there won’t be very successful doctors, nutritionists, consultants, photographers, rock stars and authors. There will be. But they won’t do business like their mentors from yesteryear. They will look to the past for mentorship to understand the basics. Then take their knowledge and change it around to approach a new type of client in a new type of environment. When you realize you can’t “copy” someone you admire from the past, and instead need to innovate and redo it in a new way, you’re well on your way to success.