“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again.
Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never
mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.” ~Oprah Winfrey


6 Months To Success Vision Coaching Program

A one on one coaching experience by Lori Osterberg, designed to get your business off the ground
and running faster, more efficiently, more effectively, and more profitably than you could have dreamed.
It’s time to live the life you were meant to live!

In 6 months, your Big Idea can go from a simple, struggling concept to one that is flourishing, rich with opportunity, filling your soul to the brim, while being able to help amazing people that are happy to be a part of your community. You won’t recognize your life in 6 months … you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before.

Sit back a moment and picture your life…

  • You’ve put in your pink slip and abandoned working for “the boss” forever.
  • You’ve started up a business that allows you to touch the lives of the people that are most in need for what you have to offer.
  • Your ideas have never been stronger. You know exactly what products and services to offer that will attract the best clients, and provide you with the lifestyle you’ve been longing for.
  • You no longer are afraid of what people might think. The nay-sayers around you that told you to put your dreams aside are no longer laughing.
  • Your mindset is built for wealth attraction. You understand that the right customers will bring in the income you need to do the things you choose to do.
  • You happily work hard when you need to, thinking of each of your clients as family members, not just clients.
  • Your life is fuller than it’s ever been. You have time for everything you choose to do, and have expanded your life to do more of what you enjoy.
  • You give your clients the most superb service around. They happily refer you to their friends.
  • You give your family your solid attention. You have stronger, deeper relationships with those closest to you.
  • You can’t wait for Mondays! After all, every day is an exciting new adventure, why not live this way every day of the week.

It all starts with a plan.

You see, building up your Big Idea to become a profitable lifestyle business isn’t difficult, but it does take clarity. You have to know what your customers want and what they are willing to buy.

And in order to do that, you have to “see” your products and services through the eyes of your potential customers. The people that will ultimately buy from you, and create the business you desire.

I sat down with a business owner recently to evaluate her Big Idea.Finding out what your Big Idea products and services are

She gave me a general summary of her concept, and I knew she was on to something big. Then I asked her to define her products and services. This is where her problems began.

She had been building this idea for years. She held it near and dear to her heart. She had lived through it all; her experiences had guided her towards creating this vision. And because of the direction the world is currently heading, her business could have a huge impact on society.

She saw herself writing a book, describing in detail everything she had been through, the solutions she had found that worked, and the advice that helped her overcome her challenges. She was very knowledgeable – and equally passionate about – all that she wanted to share with others facing similar situations.

But when it came to selling – to offering products and services that people could buy, and she could profit from – she missed the big picture completely.

Thinking small brings in small profits. And small profits only last so long.

To have a big picture business, one that continues helping people year after year, you have to think bigger than you’ve ever thought before.

You have to see who your potential clients are. You have to see what they really need. And you have to package it all up in a way that they will buy from you.

Again and again.

The Most Powerful Force Is A Plan

In 1979, a survey was given to new graduates from the Harvard MBA Program. The results found that:

  • 84% had no specific goals at all
  • 13% had goals in their minds, but not written down on paper
  • 3% had clear, written goals and plans to accomplish in the coming years

In 1989, the interviewers went back to the same graduates to find out how well they were doing ten years later.

  • The 13% of the class who had goals in mind at graduation were, on average, earning twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all
  • Even more staggering were the results of the 3%. The 3% who had clearly written and defined goals and plans were earning, on average, TEN TIMES as much as the other 97% put together!

Why is that?

Because a clearly defined plan is your quickest way to success.
Its your guide to the future. Its your direction.

There’s a Smart Way To Build A Plan
and a Not So Smart Way

The key, really, is to know where you’re going before you ever start out on your journey. Its about uncovering what people really want, what they really will pay for, then putting together all the things that you have the greatest potential for delivering, and the greatest potential for profits.

Building Your Big IdeaSo I know that right now, you have big dreams. Yet you’re wondering whether all of this is truly possible. Maybe you’ve experienced a small level of success, yet people around you throw doubt your way all the time. Maybe you’re still thinking about moving forward, and you’re not sure if you can. After all, who do you think you are … you don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in your body. Wouldn’t you be a fraud if you moved forward and tried to coach someone on something, when you’re as unsure as you are?

So many women have expressed their deep-seeded desires, yet they come to me doubting whether it’s all possible for them. If others are out there doing it, it is possible for you too!

Because chances are, you’re already more successful at it than you even realize. Have you ever sat down for coffee with a friend of a friend, because someone passed your name along as someone who knew the “inside scoop”? Have you ever received a phone call asking for “advice”, simply because they knew you were an “expert” on the subject?

Well guess what, that’s all you need to move forward in one of the most powerful business opportunities of our time. I’m living proof it can be done … and you can do it too!


Your 6 month journey will be an educational experience like no other. While its set up on a pre-established schedule designed to provide you with the biggest benefit possible to jump-start your business and put it into high gear, there will be plenty of room around the edges for us to dive into your specific questions and ideas.

The full curriculum will be shared in greater detail during our complimentary coaching session.

Month One

What Is My Direction?

  • Desires and Goals
  • Strategizing Your Ideal Business
  • Discovering Your Profit Zones
  • Wealthy Woman Mindset

Month Two

How Am I Going To Help?

  • Defining Your Ideal Client
  • Discovering Your Target
  • Outlining Your Products and Services
  • Fitting It All Together

Month Three

How Will I Get Noticed?

  • List Building
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Traffic Generation
  • PR, Exposure and Expertise

Month Four

Where Will I Find Clients?

  • Tribe Building Skills
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Video, Teleclasses and Webinars

Month Five

How Do I Build The Business?

  • Automation and Systematizing
  • Accounting
  • Resources, Tools and Connections
  • Customer Service

Month Six

How Do I Build My Wealth?

  • Long Term Vision
  • Partnerships
  • Passive Income Opportunities
  • 6 Month Game Plan

Plus there will be plenty of time for me to critique the materials you produce during out time together. It will be like having an expert on staff, ready and waiting for the questions impacting you most!



  • 24 sessions at 45 minutes each. All sessions are via Skype at an agreed upon time.
  • Unlimited email correspondence with me (I will respond within 24 hours)
  • If you’re in Portland, or we’re traveling and we happen to be in the same location, you can substitute up to four of the 24 Skype sessions for face-to-face coaching sessions
  • Access to my library of resources and connections to help facilitate your business development
  • Recorded sessions via Skype so there’s no need for you to take notes
  • Homework to keep you on track with each session we cover together.

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$8,400 paid in full*

* Monthly installments are available upon request

By working with me, you’ll be investing in accountability and direction, and I plan to deliver. When you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and want to move forward in a BIG WAY, these 6 months will guide you every step of the way. No longer will you be available for living the mediocre life you’ve experienced thus far … this is your time to change once and for all, putting yourself first to do the one thing you’ve always wanted to do.

To your success,





Lori Osterberg

P.S. The world is changing in BIG ways. You know it deep in your heart, that what was once thought of as dependable is no longer so. What you CAN count on is YOU! Your skills as an entrepreneur will make all the difference in the world. Once you build up your business YOUR WAY, and begin building a business that has unlimited potential, you’ll quickly realize YOU are on the path to success.

This is your time to make a difference. What are you waiting for?

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