When people ask what I do, I say I’m a lifestyle business coach. The deeper we get into conversation, the more I discover that most people really have no idea what a lifestyle business does, so the concept of hiring a coach to help you build the business is often a moot point. Until you understand how it really operates.

Do you know what a lifestyle business is? How would you define it?

My definition might be different than yours. To me, a lifestyle business has to include four things:

1. You have to have life experience and passion.

Nope, you don’t have to have a bachelors degree, a masters or a doctorate degree. Instead, you have to have life experience. You have lived your life around whatever it is you are passionate about, so much so that you are considered an expert because of the amount of knowledge you have on the subject. It’s been a part of your life for so long, you can’t imagine life any other way.

2. Your goal is to help people.

Most people that have a lifestyle business have had a “problem” in their lives, found a solution, and now want to take that solution to others that may be facing similar circumstances.

3. Your business is location independent.

If you have an office where everyone comes and visits you face to face, if you have to have regular office hours, you are not a lifestyle business. To be a true lifestyle business, you must be able to work from anywhere, meeting a very specific clientele through a variety of means (Skype, infoproducts, teleclasses, etc).

4. You have equal desire for building a business and having life balance.

Having a lifestyle business doesn’t mean your clients come last. It means they have equal grounding compared with the rest of the things in your life. Each has its specific time slots, and you value every piece of your life equally.

Almost any business can be turned into a lifestyle business. Yet not everyone knows how to do it. I get that. It’s a difficult concept, especially when you’re used to the brick and mortar concept, and watch others in your field focus in on finding clientele within five miles of your location.

I founded my very first lifestyle business over 20 years ago almost by accident. And in a very non-traditional lifestyle business field: photography. Every other photographer out there had a studio location and focused in on finding clients in their city or geographical location. They brought people into the studio to meet with them, and booked all of their services with the concept that their clientele could come back in again and again.

We started with a website and built it up to capture specific interest: wedding clients. Weddings are a one day event, so we knew we could travel anywhere in the world to capture the event. We just had to create a system that didn’t require face-to-face contact until the actual day.

It’s hard to meet face to face when you’re a thousand miles away. So we quickly started changing the way we talked, the way we marketed, and the way we designed our presentations. We soon discovered geography was a mute point, shut down our retail space, and lived and worked wherever we could plug our laptop into a wall socket and an Internet connection.

And it worked beautifully.

And it still does. My business has changed over the years, but my desire for having a lifestyle business never will.

My goal now is to coach women who have Big Ideas, yet aren’t sure what the next step is to turn it into a business. Yet even if you have a Big Idea, you may be a little bit lost on how to convert it from an idea into a business. Or from an idea to a lifestyle business. Can you really take your idea and find someway to turn it into a lifestyle business – something that meets all four criteria above?

Let me let you in on a secret: any business opportunity, any idea, can be turned into a lifestyle business with just a little tweaking. Let me show you just a few fields and niches that currently have lifestyle business owners living happy, wealthy lives right now:

1. photographer
2. painterThings You Can Build Your Coaching Lifestyle Business Around
3. novelist
4. copywriter
5. writer
6. publisher
7. wedding planning
8. party planning
9. corporate event planning
10. small business marketing
11. online marketing
12. baby advice
13. parental advice
14. raising an only
15. raising twins
16. vegetarian
17. vegan
18. gluten free
19. raising a child with a chronic disease
20. caregiving for a family member with disabilitiesThings You Can Build Your Coaching Lifestyle Business Around
21. caregiving for an elder parent
22. aromatherapy
23. energy therapy
24. anxiety
25. depression
26. school counseling
27. SAT help
28. getting into college
29. cooking
30. farming
31. gardening
32. organics
33. cosmetics
34. exercise
35. health care
36. eating right
37. dieting
38. marathon training
39. triathlon training
40. bikingThings You Can Build Your Coaching Lifestyle Business Around
41. rowing
42. sailing around the world
43. taking a sabbatical
44. moving to another country
45. learning another language
46. surviving divorce
47. surviving the death of a loved one
48. LGBT issues
49. spirituality
50. knitting
51. crocheting
52. meditating
53. fashion design
54. interior design
55. real estate
56. traveling as a single
57. traveling as a family
58. minimalism
59. simplification
60. making a million
61. giving it all away

In short, it you can think it, if you have lived it, there is a way to build a lifestyle business around it.

Let me tell you about a friend.

Lizzy created a lifestyle business to help with a particular behavioral issue found mainly in kids. She had grown up with the issue herself, and after spending years in hiding not wanting anyone to know, was worried she would pass it along to her child. She tried everything, all kinds of programs, and saw many different types of doctors. Until one day “she got it”. She found the answer that not only put decades of distress behind her, but instantly improved all the relationships in her life as well.

She put together a mini-program and met with someone she knew that had suffered from the same problem for years. She spent time coaching this person, trying out different lessons and methods until it met with success. This person became a raving fan for her, and started talking about her to her family and friends. A few more people contacted Lizzy, and she coached a few more. She started creating a book, a training program, a coaching program, even a weekend event that allowed her to travel and meet people all over the world. And the best part was it was all online. She controlled when she worked, where she worked, and how she helped people. She automated a lot of it so she could now live her new-founded life on her terms, and she’s never been happier.

Now Lizzy isn’t a doctor. She has a degree from a liberal arts college, but no medical training whatsoever. She doesn’t have certification, nor does she hold a title that makes her sound official. What she does have is decades of experience, an amazing story, and a solution that not only has helped her, its helped hundreds of other people around the world.

People trust her because she’s been there, done that. She doesn’t make medical claims; only advice because she can completely empathize with her potential clients’ situation.

And because most of her advice comes in the form of information, she runs it entirely from her laptop computer. She can travel whenever she chooses, and set up shop in any location around the world.

And yes, it’s providing her with a healthy income every single year for many years now.

So what is it that you do right now that could lead to your own lifestyle business? What are you passionate about? How could you help people in the same situation? What types of products and services could you create that won’t demand in person face to face time? And how can you run it from a laptop with an Internet connection?

If you would like to explore how to transform your life with a lifestyle business, you may be ready for a Vision Transformation. It’s the easiest way to transform yourself from a person with an idea, to someone with a whole lot more.