Years ago, the travel bug bit us. Not only is it fun visiting someplace new – someplace where you have no expectations and are just there for the experience – its also a way to learn more about who you are. And we’ve learned the more we travel, the more we want to travel. And thanks to the Internet, its not a problem. Bring along your laptop and you can set up shop anywhere.

If you’ve never thought about adding world travel to your lifestyle, here are 8 reasons you should.

1. You’ll develop skills you didn’t know you had. Its always fun finishing a hike or enjoying a snorkeling adventure. Yet sometimes you learn a whole lot more trying to find the location. What do you do when you don’t speak the language? What do you do when faced with cultural differences? New skills can give you an “a-ha” moment that will be perfect for building your business.

2. Learn a new language. I am fluent in English. Though I’ve taken both Spanish and French in school, I’m by no means fluent or even conversational in either. Yet when you head into a country where English isn’t the dominant language, your desire to communicate takes over. You play with the words and try to get your point across. Don’t rely on finding an English speaking person in the area – give it a try. With books and apps readily available, you should be able to get your point across quite well if you try.

3. Gives you perspective. When you stay in one location, you assume everyone does it that way. A new location makes you think in different ways. It allows you to find out how others live, how they accomplish similar tasks, and in many cases, how they get by with far less than we do here in America. Part of our goal for “simplicity” has come from watching other cultures accomplish things in far better ways.

4. Gives you an education. Seeing the world gives you an education you could never get at home, in school, or through the Internet. Yes, its great looking at photos in magazines or watching televisions that explore far away lands. But actually experiencing it opens up your mind to possibilities.

5.Challenges you. Start by planning your days by searching online. Then find new things and explore when you get there. If you have someone else set up your trip, you’ll never discover hidden treasures. Instead, give yourself some time to explore and get “lost” in new ventures along the way.

6. Try new things. Instead of reverting back to your normal lifestyle, do what the natives do. Experience a traditional dinner. Eat what the locals do. Live in a local apartment for a few weeks outside of the normal “tourist” area. It will add more depth to your life.

7. You’ll learn geography. Ever had one of those moments where you don’t know where a region is? Its easier to remember when you’ve “been there, done that”.

8. To prove you can. Its easy to stay at home doing the same thing day after day. Its much more difficult creating plans that will take you far away for extended periods of time. Don’t get lost in the “I can’ts”. Move forward with the “I cans”. You’ll be glad you did.