What things in your life do you absolutely love, you would do anything to keep them?

Now turn it around.

What things do you hate, and you would love to give them up forever?

Your goal over the next few months is to give up everything on your “hate” list and convert everything to your “love” list.

Sounds easy enough, right? Yet most people spend their entire lifetime living with things they “hate” because they simply don’t know how to give them up.

Something clicked for me when I first read Tim Ferriss’ book The 4 Hour Work Week. Its not a matter of working four hours per week; instead its all about developing the type of lifestyle you truly want to live.

So we started looking at our own “love” and “hate” lists.

On our “love” list, at the top of our list was the concept of traveling. We know in the years ahead, we would love to see many different countries and locations. And not just for a one week trip; but to really experience a location and live there for weeks on end. You can’t get the flavor of a country in one week; you have to experience it for weeks or even months at a time.

As we looked more at our travel “love”, we knew we had the business that would allow us to do exactly that. As long as we have Internet access and a computer, we’re in business. Our first check mark in our list to make travel plans was in place.

So we started looking at our current lifestyle. And that involved a big house on a one-third acre plot of land, with landscaping that needed extra-special care, and a forty year old home that was in need of TLC. (If you own a home, you know TLC is ongoing forever, for the entire time you own that home.) After a two week vacation a couple of years ago, we were both panicking as we turned the corner to see our home, wondering if any of our landscaping was still alive. This is Colorado after all, and rain isn’t something you can count on to help water the lawn.

Why not sell the house? The more we looked at it, the more it began to turn up on our “hate” list. Not that we hated our home – we loved it. But with all the work and time needed to keep it in top shape, we quickly came to realize that it was a major issue keeping us from something we truly “loved”.

So we sold the house. Check.

The funny thing is as time goes by, you begin looking at things differently. You begin to realize that every choice you make either brings you closer or further away from your ideal lifestyle. So you make every choice with your ideals in mind.

Keep in mind that my lifestyle may be completely different from your ideal lifestyle.

Lifestyle design is about finding out what your “loves” are and getting rid of your “hates”. But if you’ve never looked at what you love, you’ll never strive to achieve it. You’ll never experience the best in your life because you simply don’t know what your best is.

So now its your time.

Sit down and create your “love” list. If you’re married, do it together. Okay, maybe separate first and then together. Its important to have individual goals as well as goals you can grow into together.

Now create your hate list. You may have some things you can list immediately. And some things may come over time as you reach out to your “love” list.

Then work to put them into action. It doesn’t have to come immediately. It can be as quick or as slow of a process as you need it to be. The important thing is to recognize it and begin creating the lifestyle that is perfect for you.