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Amy Olson was a stay at home mom for 12 years, enjoying all that comes with raising Amy Olson Its My Turnher two boys and being at home. Still, that entrepreneurial bug was always there. As her boys grew, (they are currently 10 and 13), she had more time to pursue her interests, one of them being fashion. And that’s when her Big Idea hit her.

One day I was looking for a product to change the look of my fashion boots. I could not find what I was looking for and then it hit me. I ran upstairs to my closet and grabbed one of my scarves and wrapped it around the top of my boot. This is what I was looking for…a way to change the look of the boots I already owned.

Amy’s a-ha moment:

I spent 8 months working on the design until I had my first prototype. I tested the product on my friends and they all loved it. Slowly people started asking me to make them a pair of boot cuffs.

I kept up at a slow pace until one day I decided to just go for it. I felt I had a new product that people would be interested in; what did I have to lose?

I started my business by selling at local craft fairs. I wanted proof of concept before I went any further. That came quickly. The following year I won an entrepreneurial contest for new and innovative products. The reward: marketing help in choosing a new name, new logo, new branding and a new professional website. From there my company, Kuhfs has continued to grow.

Big Idea Kuhfs

My biggest a-ha moment came when I attended my first craft fair to sell my product. I had a vision and reason why I created this product and I was hoping people would love this product as much as I did. When customers started to buy my Kuhfs and share in my vision, I knew I had made the right choice to take a chance.

Amy’s Advice:

I would tell other women to go for it. Be smart about it, but follow your dreams. Start slow and test the market to make sure you have an idea or product that people are interested in. Once you have proof of concept, shoot for the stars and don’t look back.

When you follow your passion and dreams, life is more fulfilling and rewarding.

3 Takeaway’s for you to follow:

1. Pursue your interests and always watch for those little a-ha moments that creep in. Reinvention can come in many ways, you just have to watch for the signs!

2. Start slow and test! Make sure others buy into your idea before you push ahead.

3. Once you have proof of concept, shoot for the stars and don’t look back!