“The foundation of achievement is intense desire. The world’s highest achievers
have the highest levels of dissatisfaction. Those with the lowest levels are the failures.
The best way to build desire is to make resolute choices for the future.”
~Dave Kekich

I recently sat down and spoke with a friend of mine who has run a coaching practice for the past several years.

“How’s business?”

“It’s been great. All of my programs are filled up, and I have a waiting list a mile long.”

Sounds great, right? But I could tell something was wrong.

“So what’s wrong?”

“I’m grateful for all the clients I have, but I know I can do better. I want more. I have this new idea I’ve been working on, and I know people all over the world can benefit from it. I’ve been struggling with it for months now. I know there is more business potential there, but I’m not sure how to put it all together.”

And the conversation went on from there.

Are You Satisfied With Your Life? You May Be Failing

Chances are you have friends like this too. They are the ones who are always busy, always moving to the next project, always finding new things to try and do. In short, they are amazing, right? You wonder where they find the time to fit everything in.

Nothing holds them back. They are always moving forward, with something new on their plates.

Now think about the friends who stand in one place, never making a change. Every day brings more of the same. They can’t make a change because they may lose something in the process.

We all have things we desire. We all have ideas we nurture for the future.

The difference comes from those that push that desire to the limits.

You see, if you are complacent, your desire for “not rocking the boat” overwhelms your desire for stretching and growing and moving in a new direction. Your desire to remain the same becomes far greater than your desire to see what you can do.

For my friend, that would have meant she accepted her business the way it was, accepted the clients she had and carried on with business as usual.

Yet she simply wasn’t satisfied with that line of thinking. That wasn’t the choice for her. She was constantly thinking, constantly changing, and always finding new ways to service her customers. She was always looking out for new ways to change up her life, to add even more to her already desirable lifestyle.

She recognizes early when she needs a boost – a transformation – to help her find the missing piece that will help her move forward. She quickly jumps in with both feet because she’s seen the finish puzzle in her mind long before she knows what pieces will fit where.

We all need a transformation on occasion. What sets some of us a part is we recognize this early and reach out any way we can to fill in the missing holes and use it to improve our lives and our lifestyle.

While others measly sit by waiting for whatever happens next.

Recognize yourself in the above?

Maybe it’s time for a transformation.

What has become complacent in your life?

Where do you see an area for growth?

How can you build more out of what you currently have?

Where can you begin RIGHT NOW?

Even if things are going great, remember we are always in a state of change. In order to be prepared for what the future may bring, you have to see it and prepare for it today.

Good luck!