I just finished a great book that had been recommended to me. It’s called A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink.

According to Pink:

We’ve moved from an economy built on people’s backs to an economy built on people’s left brains to what is emerging today: an economy and society built more and more on people’s right brains.

To survive in this age, individuals and organizations must examine what they’re doing to earn a living and ask themselves three questions: a whole new mind

1. Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
2. Can a computer do it faster?
3. Is what I’m offering in demand in an age of abundance?

If you answer yes to 1 and/or 2, or no to 3, it’s time to rethink what you are doing.

I would highly recommend adding this to your reading list, as the book is filled with ideas that can really make you think about where you stand today.

So of course, I took an hour out this morning and looked at my business, and reworked some of the things we’re doing, adding new tasks and goals.

Ultimately everything we do comes down to how well we can share our ideas and information with others, and how well it is perceived by others.

If you are trying to sell what everyone else is, you’re going to have trouble.

But if you find a creative way to sell what you have, you’ll be a success.

People don’t want things the same old way. They want something new and different. They want to be able to put their own flare to it, be creative with it, and share their ideas in their own way.

Which is one of the reasons social networking is booming. People aren’t being marketed to; instead, they find new things by relying on “friends”.

It’s time to look at your business in a different light. What can you do to become more creative with what you do? What can you do to create something no one else is offering?