In traditional markets, you created content, used it once, and let it die. The white papers went into the drawer, never to be seen again. Instead, you started a new paper, and changed the content around to reach out to your current target market. askpatty

In the online world, content never dies. Post it online and it will continue to work for you again and again.

I found a site today that is using online content exceptionally well. Jody DeVere, founder of, has created a site that trains and certifies auto dealers to serve the female customer base. Instead of approaching a car dealership and feeling intimidated or overwhelmed, a woman can head over to and receive a ton of information on the entire car buying experience. On her site, content is king. She gathers content from a variety of sources, and uses it on her blogs both in written and audio format. Content is also syndicated through RSS feeds to a variety of other sites, like Mommytalk and Twitter.

So how can you be an online content expert?

1. Gather all of your existing content. From white papers, to brochures, to articles; anything that you’ve used to promote your business can be turned into quality content for online promotion.

2. Create new content. Hire a ghost writer/blogger if you aren’t good at writing articles, or are short on time. Create as much new content as you can that directly relates to your current target market.

3. Post your content to your blog on a regular basis.

4. Syndicate your content to as many online resources as possible.

5. Monetize your website/blog in such a way that you are making money from your content. It may be ads; it may be sponsorships, it may be product or service purchases. Bottom line: have a way to make money from the traffic you’re driving to your site.

Repeat steps 1-5.