How old are you right now, as you’re reading this? If today is your birthday, congratulations. If you’re 50, that gives you 18,250 days of perspective.

No one else is like you.

On day one, YOU started becoming who you are. You’re a product of how your parents raised you, the relationships you held with your family. You formed opinions based on where you lived, who you hung around, what school you attended.

But it’s more than that.

Every day you made choices.

Like the day you didn’t go to school. You called in “sick” instead of having to stand in front of the class to give a presentation.

Or the day you decided to dye your hair blue.

Or the day you shrunk back because the bully targeted you.

Or the day you let your passion shine through.

Or the day your spouse said I love you for the first time.

Or the day you found out your spouse was cheating and chose to do nothing about it. Or decided to walk away.

Or the day you found out your mom had cancer. You spent all night Googling what to do.

Or the day you wanted to escape it all. You read three books on “finding yourself”.

If you were to go back in time and have the ability to write down everything you did, every decision you made, every thought you had, from every day of your life, you would find a spectacular map called: YOU. It would be this monster flow chart spinning a gigantic web. Everyday connected a new piece to the puzzle. Every day solidified more to who you are today.

So here you are now, at day 18,250, and all 18,250 pieces are connected in a magical way.

That gives you your unique perspective. That makes you, you.

It also gives you authority to speak from what you know best.

And that’s how the best blogs today are being built.

They started out as a project of love, a way to record what was going through the person’s mind.

Travel blogs start as a way to document a journey. And then they turn into a way of life.

Mommy blogs start as a way to share with the world. Until they turn into something more.

My Blogging Journey

Years ago, my blogging journey started out in much the same way. My photography business had morphed in such a way that a publisher came knocking on my door and offered me a contract to write a book. Studio Without Walls was born.

But as I wrote it, I started seeing something more. Blogging was taking off and I saw that as a way to market my book. “What if I started creating content to help other photographers build a successful business?” And that concept morphed many times over.

  • I created hundreds of pages of content.
  • I wrote and published more than a dozen books.
  • I created several coaching programs specifically designed to help photographers build their businesses.

And when the time came and we didn’t want to work in the photography industry any longer, I sold the entire website for a healthy profit.

Rinse and Repeat

When I moved, that entire way of doing business was fresh in my mind. So I did what any business person would do and I duplicated the idea in an entirely new way.

Welcome to VisionOfSuccess, where I help women in the throes of reinvention create their own personal visions of a successful, sexy, happy life. I have two nonfiction books on the topic, with a third about to be released. I’ve combined that with my LoriOsterberg site where I have six contemporary romance novels specifically written for women over 40. My focus for them is the same: to write about women in the middle of reinvention. Each of them is facing divorce, the death of a spouse, caregiving, empty nest – something we all face as we approach midlife. I take a peek at their lives and write about it as a way to share my insight with you.

  • I blog about what I enjoy.
  • I make money from my site in many ways.
  • I share all of my knowledge gained from over 19,300 days on this planet.
  • I have fun with it every day.

Why Blogs Work

Blogs work for two reasons.

1. They’re easy to create
2. They’re easy to keep up

No matter what you want to talk about, there’s a reason to start up a blog. Thanks to WordPress, you can do so without spending a dime. (I wouldn’t recommend going that route if you want to turn it into a business. But it may be a great place to start if you are unsure of what you want to do.)

Having a blog gives you a place to write and create. With just a little work, you can be talking and sharing anything you want with the online world. Want to share recipes? Create a blog. Want to journal your travels to another country? Start a blog. Want to have a place to journal your role as a caregiver? Start up a blog. Have no idea what you want to do? Start a blog.

I have a friend who had no idea what she wanted to blog about. So she started one up using her name as her domain. She started writing and very soon found people liked her health care tips. The more she wrote, the more success she had with it. And over time, she developed a great business model all from having no idea what she wanted to do.

Ever heard the term “mommy bloggers”? It’s big business. A lot of mommies start one up as their creative outlet for when talking to two year olds starts driving your crazy. While you might not be able to get out of watching Sesame Street for the millionth time, at least you can write away on your blog and take on any voice you choose.

Build It And They Will Come

“But how do you make money at it?” Don’t worry; I can hear you. Everyone I speak with about blogging has that question.

When you see a blog that’s working and they talk about how they make tens of thousands of dollars each month, thanks to their blogs, it’s a little unnerving. How can you ever duplicate that? Where do you start?

Let’s head back to the concept I spoke of at the beginning of this article. If you’re 50, you’re celebrating your 18,250th day on this planet. How has your life changed from day 18,000? Or day 10,000? A lot has happened in between.

That concept works with blogging too.

When you start a blog, you start at the beginning. You write your very first blog post and you publish it for the world to see.

Maybe you start talking about fashion.

Maybe you talk about books.

Maybe you talk about reinvention.

Maybe you start talking about your health. Or your kids. Or your travels.

It really doesn’t matter. The point is you start. And every day you add another piece to the puzzle. You write a little better. You get a little clearer. You learn a little more.

You start asking better questions. Like: How can I turn this thing into a money maker?

You meet interesting people. You take a class or two. You grow. You change. And your blog becomes something more.

To show you how you change, I did a little experiment of my own. I dug deep on my VisionOfSuccess blog to find one of my first posts from when I started up this little venture. It’s titled:

What Does Your Perfect Workday Look Like?

Surprisingly, my days haven’t changed a lot in all of these years. (Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.)

It wasn’t a long post. It didn’t have a whole lot to say. It did have a few links to books I loved and recommend. In fact, the next few posts after this one were all book reviews too. So yes, books have always been a very important part of my life.

The point is you have to start somewhere. And even back then, I knew the purpose of this blog would be to support people in moving forward. I just hadn’t put the entire concept together yet.

That came later. As I grew and changed and became closer to who I am today.

Will VisionofSuccess be different tomorrow than it is today? Of course.

But every blog post I write takes me one step closer to that point.

And together it all adds up into one exciting adventure I’m proud to share with you today. All 380 posts worth.