The simplest definition of momentum can be defined as: mass in motion.

Of course, the momentum of an object depends on how much and how fast an object is moving forward. A baseball will move differently than a large rock.

But when it comes to people, it’s an entirely different set of rules.

In theory, from the time of birth, a person can do almost anything they choose. Yet you and I know how limitations begin to factor in, almost from the very second they arrive. It’s a girl! Think about the restrictions from just that simple phrase.

And right now, in midlife, we have an entire generation of obstacles in our path. How can you gain momentum to overcome some of the biggest that hold you back?

First, let’s define obstacles that exist in our lives

We humans have two categories of obstacles:

External obstacles – these are things beyond our control. The political environment. Natural disasters. Pandemics. Physical limitations. The economy.

Internal obstacles – the things we can control. Time constraints. Education. Health. Skillset. Geographic limitations. Cashflow and debt.

Because external obstacles are beyond our control, we can’t do anything to change their impact in our lives. We become reactionary. That said, we can still choose how much energy to give them. If they are all you focus on, you won’t have what it takes to work on what’s more important, your internal obstacles.

If you’ve ever said, “I can’t do that,” chances are it comes from an internal obstacle. These are the things you try and convince yourself are true.

  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m not rich enough
  • I don’t have the right education
  • I don’t live in the right neighborhood
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t know the right people

You get it.

The more you buy into any of these obstacles, the more stuck you’ll become. And unfortunately, we all do it all the time.

That’s where mental strength comes into play.

Mentally strong people empower themselves from within. Even on their worst days, they deal with challenges in unique ways.

Is mental strength easy? Nope. It’s a whole lot easier to get stuck by obstacles in your path.

But awareness is almost all of the battle. Being aware of what you’re doing makes it easier to turn it all around.

What does it take to be mentally strong?

I believe mental strength comes from being fully responsible for your life. You behave from the heart. You focus on moving forward. You learn how to walk through challenges and setbacks in a way that helps bring you forward. It’s about planning well and sticking to it, no matter what.

Even in the rough patches, they keep their eye on the prize. They give themselves permission to up their self-care. And then they follow through.

It’s okay to want things. It’s okay to strive for better. It’s okay to be human, question things, even reevaluate the path from time to time.

It’s where you put your focus that matters most. This is what I feel mentally strong people do well.

They are good at self-care

To build momentum, you have to understand your starting point. And that means getting to know yourself very well. They have a “take care of me” attitude that always prioritizes daily activities to help them be at their best. They pay attention to what they eat, who they trust with their health, what form of exercise they perform each day. They pay attention to the ideas that fill their brains. They learn very quickly how to avoid physical drains.

They are focused on forward movement

Mentally strong people understand that progress isn’t without its pain. To move forward means to grow. And sometimes you learn as much from the downward motion as you do from the uphill climbs. No’s are equally as crucial as yesses. To be a better you, it’s a journey. And every moment of it adds to the ultimate you!

They are always learning

Because mentally strong people believe they can learn something from everything, they tend to pop back quicker than others. There isn’t failure, only the opportunity to learn something new. It’s based on experiences, and you can always learn from everything, no matter how bad it gets. (That’s why some people recover quickly even when they face the worst disease or accident imaginable.)

They are always sharing

I feel that mentally strong people also take their learning experiences and try and give back to the world. They want to teach and give back to the people around them, sharing their knowledge to make it a better world. That’s why I’m so BIG on becoming a writer and sharing your journey with the world!

They have courage

I’m going to do this anyway – that’s the mantra of mentally strong people everywhere. We all get scared. We all are nervous about things we can’t see. Mentally strong people don’t stand on the sidelines, waiting for a better day. Instead, they jump in. They do whatever needs to be done anyway.

They are goal setters

If you don’t have a vision board or set your 100 year goals, you need a little work to build up your momentum. Mentally strong people work hard to refine their vision and only set up goals they can truly put their energy on. They believe in setting smart goals – specific, measurable goals based on the direction they’ve defined for themselves. Yes, they can change paths from time to time, because they’re also good evaluators.

They are intentional

Are you present in the moment, or do you have a million things going on? Mentally strong people know the secret to getting things done is knowing where to invest their time. Multitasking is soooo yesterday!

They understand growth

This is where momentum really comes into play. Because when you’re strong, you’re focused. You know that what happens today can be changed tomorrow. Focus. Do something. Change. Then repeat and do it all over again tomorrow.

We need to change the world

Few would argue with this sentence (especially if you’re reading this far into my post.)

We’re in a very bad place right now, but that’s all about external obstacles. I can’t change the current political environment. I can’t change the direction of the world.

But I CAN change my internal message. And that’s what I’m choosing to do. (Some days are more difficult than others. But in most cases, I’m always ready to push forward.)


1 is a tragedy – 100 is a statistic

1 is an individual – 100 is a movement

I choose what tomorrow looks like in my world. I choose what I think about. I choose my actions. I choose my direction.

And I choose to make the world a better place.

One individual at a time.

I write because I have to.

If you read, I hope this makes sense to you. I hope it gives you the courage to make a change.

Why not drop me a line and let me know what’s going on in your life.

I appreciate you. Together, we can make the world a better place.