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Have you ever heard a story that literally took your breath away?

When I first heard Caitlin’s story, I hardly believed it. Could the corporate world really be that bad?

Of course it can, but I still had to read it twice just to let it sink in. We all hear about bullies on the playground and bullies in the school system. But what if you work for a boss who is the epitome of the perfect bully?

I resonated with Caitlin in so many ways. Her story shows how no matter where you come from, what your background is, or what “job” you hold in the corporate world, your reinvention process starts with the realization that YOU are responsible for your success.

Meet Caitlin Pyle

In August 2011, in the office where I had been working for almost two years, a set of three managers sat me down in a conference room to tell me how terrible I was. How despicable I was. How I should reconsider having children with my husband because I have no morals.Caitlin Pyle Life Reinvented

My crime? Misused company time. That’s right. I’d finished my work with lightning-fast speed… and neglected to tell anyone about it. In an office setting where if you finish your work, you go get someone else’s work to do (which resulted in quite a few slackers, and was why I hated this setup), they considered it “stealing”…  and I was guilty of it, despite my glowing annual review given just weeks prior.

They intended to destroy me, really, but those women made me who I am now and I am so grateful to them.

So to answer the question: What made you leave corporate? I was fired!

I started a proofreading business using the skills I was taught by the very people who fired me. I now make double the income, sometimes more, than I did working as a manager at that office. I’m now completely mobile and can work anywhere I want. In fact, my husband and I are actually moving abroad to Ecuador for a year-long stay–simply because we want to!

Sometimes It’s About The Business AND The Lifestyle…

We realized we COULD go to Ecuador, so we are! It’s scary, and some people don’t understand, they’re still under the impression that everywhere else on the planet is somehow inferior to the “greatest” country on earth. But we know that beyond our borders lies incredible adventure and opportunity, my soul just SOARS at the thought! Even having begun learning Spanish here at home, my eyes have been opened and my heart has made room for so many more people that I can now relate to because I’m speaking their language!!

Caitlin Pyle Its My Turn

I am really hoping that by traveling and networking with more people across the globe, that my business will grow. I’m not banking on it growing too quickly, or turning into something that takes over my life, because that’s not what I want it to be. I want to earn money, of course, but I more so want to help other people traveling and living abroad be able to earn money anywhere they go, too. I know that now, and once we’re in Ecuador and I meet other expats, retirees, etc, they’ll learn what I do, and some will want to know how I do it, and I can gain some clients “organically” that way.  But even if they don’t pay me a dime, if they are inspired to live their lives more fully because of something they heard or read from me, then I’ve been successful.

And the future? Perhaps one day I can sell my business to a company who will turn it into more, like a proofreading certification of sorts, or maybe one day I’ll want to do that 🙂 Who knows. I’m really working on shifting my focus right now to living and loving more…in the moment. Not working more for a future for which I have no guarantee. I do know that I love what I do, and it doesn’t feel like work! While the majority of “society” may focus on the grunt work, toughin’ it out and doing the time until retirement, I fully expect to do work like this in some capacity as long as my eyes and brain work. It’s quite fulfilling and I so enjoy the “hunt” for typos.

Life is much too short to spend the whole time working 😉 I am sure I could work some corporate job and make more money than I make now, but my freedom would be the price for that… I am overjoyed I’ve found a way to combine work with adventure and part of what PA (ProofreadAnywhere) is about is helping others do the same.

Takeaways For You To Follow:

My biggest a-ha moment was realizing that I was responsible for my success–NOT them. That I had talent, gusto, and drive to actually make it work on my own.

I would tell other women contemplating their exit strategy out of the corporate world to NOT WAIT! Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, and every minute we waste doing something we loathe is a minute we will *never get* *back*! It’s gone forever. Why spend your whole life working in a field you don’t enjoy, financing someone else’s dreams?

I’d tell them: If you decide to quit your job and pursue your passions, you WILL become a better person. It might take a while for the business to grow, yes, but *you* will begin to flourish immediately.

And really, what could be better advice than that!