Chances are you are looking iStock_000002380173XSmallfor ways to expand your market.

What if you could reach out to a completely untapped market, offering them something in a totally new way? 

Have you ever read a website in its entirely, and by the time you reach the end you know you have to connect with the company? You have to buy their product or try out their service just because they spoke directly to your heart?

That’s the power of great copy.

So let me ask you a question. Which would make better copy for your website?

Where does the photographer’s job end? The day of your wedding? After the images have been presented to you a few weeks later? Or, does it continue from the minute you choose your photographer, and continue for years?

We believe in 100 percent service. After the wedding, our service doesn’t end. We are now a part of the digital revolution, and will provide you with images to share with family and friends all across the world, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. We will provide you with a custom designed storyboard that shows an artistic rendition of your final wedding album. We will provide you with all of the tools necessary to create an elegant story album depicting each moment of your special day. We will provide you with top quality photographs and products that you will be proud to display in your home. And to give as gifts! We will be there for you as other members of you family announce their engagement. We will be there for you to remember how one day changed you life forever!

Or this?

Cuando termina el trabajo de un fotógrafo?  El día de tu boda?Semanas después en que te fueron presentadas tus imágenes?  O, continua desde el minuto en que seleccionaste a ese fotógrafo y logras mantenerlo  através de los años?

Nosotros creemos en dar un servicio al 100%  excelente.  Después de la boda, nuestro servicio o atención continua.  Gracias a las maravillas de Internet, somos ahora parte de un sistema revolucionario digital en donde le proveeremos sus imágenes  para que pueda compartir con familiares y amistades en el mundo entero.  Su álbum final será la compilación de sus fotografías de una manera totalmente artística. En ese día tan especial todo detalle, minuto por minuto, será capturado y presentado de una manera totalmente distinguida y elegante en un álbum lleno de historia. La creación de estas fotografías y productos de calidad,  usted se sentirá orgulloso de ex ponerlo en casa, y , quizás, hasta de hacer regalos! Estaremos a tu lado como aquel día en que tu familia anuncio tu compromiso.   Cada cambio de tu vida lo llevaras siempre presente con nosotros! Da nos la oportunidad de crearte cada momento especial con imágenes que siempre querrás conservar de una manera histórica, y con una elegante presentación!

Many small businesses have a great sales letter written for their website, but they may be missing out on something even more important – speaking in their customers’ native language.

What if you converted your copy to Spanish? What if you spoke to them in copy they related to AND in a language they prefer?

That’s a dynamic sales presentation.

The Hispanic/Latino market is changing at a rapid pace. According to Mediamark Research’s, Hispanic/Latino Market Profile, the population is expected to grow 126.4% from 1990 to 2011, and the spending power is expected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2011.

The key is knowing your client, and giving them what they want in a manner that most suits their needs.

And what’s great about it is you don’t have to be fluent in Spanish yourself in order to recognize and fulfill this need. Reach out and sell to people in your community in a way they prefer. You’ll show them how much you appreciate them as customers. And introduce them to a company that is ready and willing to provide them with services they need and want.

Want more information on converting your website to Spanish? It’s easier than you might think. We’ve power partnered with an amazing company that translates your copy into Spanish, and does so in proper Spanish (not like the rough translation you get with some of those converter programs). Email me for more information on how easy it is to turn your website into a second income stream.