When I’m out networking, consulting, or even writing up an article for online use, I always talk about using copy. The search engines love copy, so use as much copy as possible. canon

But what if you have an eCommerce website that you want photographs for, not copy? 

With an eCommerce website, people want to see the product, not read a ton about it. But you may be surprised at what people are willing to read. On every page of your site you should have:

  • The product name
  • Model numbers
  • Details (weight, size, color, style, etc)
  • Features
  • Product reviews
  • Shipping fees
  • Support and service information
  • Testimonials

Keep in mind that not all copy has to be right next to the photograph of your product. You have an entire page of real estate – use it wisely.

Use your headlines strategically, attracting different visitors to different places. Visitors come to a site for different reasons. They make a decision to stay on your site and purchase from you for different reasons as well. Your goal is to help a visitor make the decision of “why I should buy from you instead of one of the other thousands of sites I’ve found.”

In many cases, it is all about copy – and how you strategically place your copy on your site. Copy does boost your search engine placement, and I would argue that it also increases your stickiness with visitors. It’s just a matter of determining what copy will capture their attention.