When women finally step away from the life they’ve been sold, and into the life they plan, desire, and deserve, that’s when true magic occurs.

Because we’ve each been given one life to live. If you’ve reached midlife and are feeling stuck, don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

I’ve struggled to come out the other side better than I was before. I’ve tested. I’ve failed. And I’ve succeeded big time too. That’s why I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and packaged it up into the perfect courses to help you succeed right here in midlife.

Whether you’re ready to start a business, find a piece of yourself you thought was missing, or connect with a part of yourself you thought you’d lost forever, let these resources be your guide.

We’re the first generation of women who were raised on the concept of having it all. But what happens when you wake up one day and discover you haven’t achieved everything that makes YOU happy? This is YOUR STORY. And it’s time to tell YOUR STORY in a way that suits you best!

The Courses

Follow your dreams. Get unstuck. Find your passion. And get started today!
Isn’t it time to take all of your pent-up energy and use it to start something new?
To get crystal-focused and start experiencing your Second Act as a fantastic place to be!
Come hang out with me, and let me guide you to a better life.

The Art of Better Writing


A Better Life Course


So you’re thinking of putting your writing skills to work. You’re finally dusting off your grammar books, getting a better computer, and scoping out the writing jobs on freelancing sites. Guess what? It takes more than a word processing program to be a better writer. Writing is in demand and growing in need. This isn’t just another writing class. Discover your voice, master the skills, and monetize your writing.

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Eat. Live. Thrive.


A Better Health Course


Here’s the thing. People always ask me: What would you do if you started over as a vegan? This is that class. These are the things that mattered most in my journey towards plant-based eating. This is how you succeed at eating better, eating for life. And thriving in the process!

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