I start my days pretty much the same. I sit down and go through email, spend my time on my social sites, and then start in on client work.

Today as I maneuvered through my email, one of my mentors Dan Kennedy had a great piece on thriving in a recession.

4 things to succeed:

1 — Keeping my wits about me and will to win while most others around me were losing theirs …

2 — Having the intellectual agility to quickly modify, re-package, re-title, re-invent, and re-articulate what I was offering to harmonize with the dominant desires, fears, and beliefs of the times …

3 — Redirecting my efforts at better, more likely buyers (as in those least and last effected by the recession).

And 4 — Knuckling down and working, maybe a little bit harder — certainly more diligently — to optimize the value of every lead and every customer I could get my hands on…

After I ready his message, I continued working. But then I started thinking about his 4 points. How true. And yet even in good times, how many small business owners truly follow these 4 steps?

In today’s world, the key to reaching an effective target market is to create a dynamic online presence.

It’s more than building a website. It’s more than having a few pages online describing who you are and what you offer.

It’s about having a well thought out strategy for your entire online experience. What do you want them do from the moment they find you, and as they follow you through the many places they should be finding you online?

A small business marketing strategy should include:

  • a website
  • a blog
  • links to other sites
  • directory listings
  • online advertising
  • social networking profiles
  • articles and reports
  • email marketing campaign

If you don’t have each of these in place for your business, isn’t it about time you explored what your business could truly be like?