What do you expect to gain from your education?

Most people never really think about that. They simply sign their kids up to head off to kindergarten, and leave them in a school until high school graduation. You may have a preference for a variety of reasons over what type of school – charter, magnet, public, private – but ultimately your education success plan revolves around doing well in whatever school system you’ve chosen.

I have to admit we fell into that trap. When we first started, we were convinced nothing was better than a private education. Fallon went to Montessori from age 3 through the 3rd grade. When we decided to change private schools, we filled out the application and waited. When she was wait listed, we scrambled for another option and found a gifted and talented school right here in our district.  And we’ve had great experiences along the way.

But once we decided to embark on downsizing, simplification and travel, a whole new set of worries crept in.

  •     How could we give her the best education possible?
  •     Should she finish high school here in Colorado, where she is in one of the best schools in Colorado?
  •     Can we provide her more education through travel than she could ever gain in traditional school?
  •     Will she be ready for college?
  •     Is college in the traditional manner really the best road for success?

As you can see, we thought about it all. And what we came up with was our own reasons for doing what we were doing – an educational success plan of sorts. We decided to give our daughter a different kind of gift with her education in hopes she will be completely ready for the global opportunities that are coming our way. We feel she will need:

  •     The ability to learn and work in a global environment.
  •     The ability to work in different cultures.
  •     To never rely on one job, in one culture, in one environment.
  •     To realize opportunity is everywhere.
  •     To get a global education, not just a book education.
  •     To see the world, learn history by living and touching, not by filling in bubbles and taking a test.
  •     To learn as we go, including online learning.
  •     To realize learning is a lifelong skill. College is just a checkmark in life, and will never impact your career. You can learn a lot more from doing – and get the checkmark in the easiest way possible.

Do we still value education? Definitely. Probably now more than ever. But the traditional way of education is dead in this global environment, and if you don’t teach your children how to survive in today’s times, they will have an even harder time than what we are going through.

Job security? Never, not in our lifetime, and certainly not in our childrens. In order to be successful, you need real world application skills. We’ll be learning all the basics – plus the not-so-basics. Like how to make money blogging. How to write a book on the road. How to market a business. And how to do what you love, and get paid from a variety of sources as well.