You know what IT is.

Because we all have an IT. It’s what we’re striving for, what we want in this world, no matter what. IT is our goal. IT is our dream. IT is our passion. It’s all we see.

In order to find IT, we move forward. Sometimes we choose how to move; sometimes the decision is made for us. We move from one thing to the next, hoping IT is the one thing that will fill the gaping hole, make us into who we’re supposed to be. Bring us happiness. Give us what we truly want.

Yet days, months, or even years down the road, we find we’ve never achieved IT at all. We didn’t find IT. We don’t feel any better about who we’ve become. In some cases, we feel even worse.

It’s because you’re looking in the wrong places.

Because IT isn’t in the future. You can’t suddenly find IT. Your “meaning” in this world won’t suddenly appear when you join a group, sign up for a cause, or follow someone else into the land of opportunity.

Because you can’t find meaning. You have to create it.

We all start from someplace. We learn. We change. We grow. Your successes make you into the person you are supposed to become.

So do your failures.

Creating Your Meaning And Pushing Forward To The Best There Is

Somewhere along the way, all of these experiences begin to add up and point you in your true direction. These become your calling. These become your future. They guide you along the way.

They bring meaning. But only if you’re willing to truly listen to what they have to say.

There is always outside influence as well. Your family. Your friends. Politics. The news. Hitting at you from all different angles, hoping to push you into their way of thinking.

This brings head butting. This brings confusion. This triggers a different frame of mind. It gives you something else to think of, pushes you away from who you are meant to become.

And it’s a great deterrent. Because it’s hard to push back from those around you who are telling you what you should do. It’s hard to say no. It’s hard to move the other way. It’s difficult to create your own direction.

Who you are is dependent on the choices you make. Your meaning in this world is dependent on how you view the world. The things you believe. The actions you take. The price you are willing to pay.

You can’t learn that from a guru. You can’t study that in a class. It ultimately comes from the inside. It builds over time. It tells you in the form of that inkling in the back of your mind. It encourages you. It empowers you. But only you can decide who you will become.

You can’t check off the things you’re supposed to do to be happy. The degree, title, house, car, won’t help you find your meaning.

It’s the journey that gives you meaning. The way your successes and failures turn your life around. Help you reach and strive for the next impact. Change the way you think. The way you live.

When you read these words, they tell you a story. How do you hear it? What will you do with it?

Will they pass you by, saying you can’t change because “insert-a-person-you-know-here” tells you to do things his/her way?

Or do you realize everything you need is right before you, inside you?

You simply have to create it, one day at a time.