Ask yourself two questions.

Is it possible to be happy with this life?

Did you enjoy your story?

a story for tomorrow. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

What were your answers?

Are your answers changing your future?

If not, maybe they should.

For many people, “Is it possible to be happy with this life?” is full of stipulations.

I could be happy if this happened. Or I could be happy if I had this. Or I will be happy when I achieve this.

And while its good to have goals and things you want to achieve in the future, just make sure they don’t get in the way of what is happening right now.

If you won’t be happy with this life until you get married, or you make a million dollars, are you sure those two things will make you feel any different?

Happiness is a state of mind. If you’re happy going out to lunch with a friend today on your only day off from work, then you’ll be equally as happy a year from now when you own your own business and have the opportunity to go out to lunch with friends every day.

To me, the question “Is it possible to be happy with this life?” is something we should strive for every day. But the second question is the one that puts everything else into perspective.

Did you enjoy your story?

This question is a reflection about how you lived your life. Whether you are 15, 50 or 95, when you look back at the years behind you, are you happy with the way things have turned out?

Fast forward until your last day on earth. Would you want that storyline to change?

Don’t wait for your last day and have it filled with regrets. Instead, start your story today.