One of the reasonstelevision I feel I’ve always been successful is I watch what others are doing around me, and emulate their success.

If you watch any television lately, or open up any newspaper, you must have noticed the influx of ads by Wal-Mart. They’re everywhere. Last night as I watched Dancing With The Stars, I noticed several commercials each break were from this discount giant.

And they aren’t focusing on having the lowest prices. Just giving you value for your dollar.

You can learn a lot from a company like this. 

1. Don’t stop marketing or slow it down in difficult economic times. Increase it. While others are shutting down, you can actually reach out to more people and have your message heard loud and clear because you don’t have a lot of competition. And you may get great deals on some advertising because they’re having trouble as well and welcome the

2. Repeating is okay. Wal-Mart has just a handful of ads that they play over and over again. It’s not the amount of content they put in front of you. It’s the message they’re trying to convey. They simply want you to know where you can get the most value, especially in tough times.

3. Have a clear message. Instead of moving forward with a ton of ideas and a ton of approaches, keep it simple. Because we’re all bombarded with information, and have a ton of things happening in our personal lives, the last thing we want is to have to think about more. Combined with repeating a message again and again, your message will come through loud and clear.

4. Use a few channels well. Have you ever bounced around from advertising method to advertising method? It’s easy to do as there is so many different things available. Instead, choose a few that have potential of reaching a huge portion of your market, and saturate it. The more people see you, the more they’ll recognize you, and the more they’ll convert.

5. Promote in a simple manner. You don’t need bells and whistles. You don’t need the top of the line presentation. Sometimes simple is better. Create your message and get it heard. As long as its professional, your audience will be content with the message, and have no concerns over its delivery method.

6. Use your time wisely. Wal-Mart doesn’t put one commercial on every hour. They place two or three in every break. That’s traction. They know their audience and they make sure their audience sees them. Over and over again.

7. Think big. Instead of jumping into the latest fad, and moving on the next week, think about the basics. What is going to make your business grow over the next year? How can you do something today that will impact you on December 31, 2009? Always plan for the future before you take action today.