So you decide you want to sell one of your widgets.

You put together an email that talks about your widget. You may even show a photo of your widget, and send it out to your clients. And you send your email out to your entire list.

How direct are you with your overall selling process? barnes and noble

I’m a member of Barnes & Noble. We shop there a lot, and of course I’m a member.

So once a week I get emailed info on their current weeks sales, and an occasional coupon to help motivate me to visit online or come in and buy.

Because I’m a member, they have everything on file for past purchases. So my emails aren’t just talking about current releases, they focus the email specifically to me.

So this week, my email started out “New From an Author You Know” and went on to say that since I’ve purchased a book from this author, I may be interested in the newest release.

Great marketing!

The book is for my daughter, and yes, we’re heading over after school to buy it.

Consider these two questions:

1. How many customers do you have that regularly buy from you?

2. Do you know what they buy and what they would be interested in buying from you in the future?

In both cases, you can probably divide your list into categories, and send out emails that pertain exclusively to that list.

Maybe a portion of the people purchase holiday cards from you every year. You can send out an email saying you know they’ve purchased holiday cards from you in the past, and if they purchase 100 cards between now and October 15th, you’ll throw in an additional 25 at no cost.

How’s that for motivating your clients to purchasing more.

It’s all about knowing who your clients are, and giving them what you know they want. Motivate them. They already love what you have, why make the buying process difficult?