Finding Simple Ways To Automate Your Life

We live in a world filled with incredible technology, lots of quick fixes, and ways to do just about anything cheaper/faster/easier. Yet I’m sure if you start thinking about the mundane tasks you do over and over again, there are a few things that would pop up on your “I hate to do this” list. I guess its just human nature – find a way to get rid of a lot of things off your chore list, and more will surface to the top.

The key behind automation isn’t about getting rid of everything off your list – instead, its about simply reducing the amount of time you spend on things you have to do over and over again. If there’s a way to automate it, it gives you more time for something else, whether it’s working on your business or enjoying a poolside nap.

Have you automated the following? If not, these are quick fixes that will not only save you time, but add value to your life as well.

Save Your Computer

Everyone has a computer. Everyone swears they will backup the data … some day. Yet invariably the day comes when something crashes and you lose everything. Ask around and you’re sure to find at least one person that can fill you in on a horror story. And yet many of us ignore the advice, and continue on hoping the day never comes for us. It will. Signup for an automated backup service today – I’ve used BackBlaze for years. Signup, install the program, schedule it to run regularly, and ignore it. It will do the work, and you’ll have an insurance policy in place to guarantee you never lose your documents, photos, videos, music and more, ever.

Subscribe and Save

Do you have things you run to the store for all the time? Do you make the weekly trip to the big box store, only to buy more than what was originally on your list? Cut out the hours spent driving around and get only what you truly need with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. Subscribe to the things you use the most, and get automatic delivery to your home or office. Amazon will email before it processes and will give you up to 15% off if your purchase frequently. Its like having your own personal assistant without the human aspect.

Hire A Personal Assistant

Is your to do list filled with little research projects or small tasks that never seem to get done? Why not let someone else do them for you? While the idea of hiring an actual person for the job may be too overwhelming, use an app instead. FancyHands is a resource you can quickly use through your phone, put in your request, and have it completed in no time. Start with 5 tasks a month for $25 – then work up from there once you discover how valuable this service really is.

Automate Your Money

Do you use auto bill pay? With just about every service you use, you can sign up to automatically pay your bill each month. Never be late again, or worry about covering a bill if you’re out of town. Then check your checking statement at your convenience to make sure everything is working correctly. You can also manage your money with Mint, manage your accounting and finances with Wave, or check in with your local bank or credit card to determine what type of useful tools they have online for you.

Manage Your Tasks

The first time I put a simple task on my calendar, my husband laughed at me. But in today’s world with so many things to do each day, having not only a gentle reminder throughout the day, but calendaring things according to your schedule can be extremely useful. I use the Google Calendar system, which can be accessed from your phone, computer or tablet. Or use an app like Remember The Milk.