As I circulate this season to holiday parties and family gatherings, it’s fun catching up on the personal side of life. The one thing I always enjoy is starting up a conversation with the relatives, and throwing in words like “social media” and “Twitter”, just to get the eyebrows moving. You know, the one where they look at you like you’ve just stepped off a spaceship from a different planet?

When I look back at 2008, I have to say that several things have impacted my business in a huge way this year.

Blogging – I never imagined at the beginning of the year that I would be devoting most of my time to blogging, and it would become a huge focus for 2009.

Social – I’ve loved Facebook/LinkedIn/”your favorite here” for a long time. But now that I’m seeing results, I love them even more.

Twitter – the clear winner in micro blogging sites, and one that I’ll be devoting a lot more time to in 2009. Yes, I guess I’m a tweet-adict.

So even though I spend almost every day engrossed in each of these types of online marketing, I also realize I’m above the curve. Today I found a great site that lists media contacts that are on Twitter.

media twitter contact co

In Colorado, there are just a couple – and no reporters as of yet.

And even in some of the larger states there are no contacts as of yet.

media twitter contact ny

media twitter contact ca

media twitter contact il

I wonder how all of this will have changed one year from today?

My goal for 2009 is to become even more active on Twitter, and to use it to generate business. And with this new media list, I also hope to connect up with more top level people.

Want to join me and learn how to use Twitter to impact your business?