Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new section, all about our Gap Year.

Many years ago, Andrew and I had a crazy dream to get rid of all our stuff and travel the world. Not forever. Just for a while. Just to see everything we could, change us as people and as a couple, and enjoy life on a completely different scale.

But life got in the way. Life happened. We had a child that didn’t look at life the same way we did. We moved to the suburbs and built a life around friends and our business and our family.

But the desire was always there.

Then we found the concept of Gap Year when we were visiting college fairs with our daughter.

If you look up the definition of Gap Year, you’ll find a variety of things.

In the Cambridge Dictionary, Gap Year is defined as a year between leaving school and starting university that is usually spent traveling or working.

According to Wikipedia, a Gap Year in the professional world is when one stops his or her formal work life to pursue other interests, generally unrelated to her or his regular line of work. Its generally known as a sabbatical.

And if you go to GapYear.com, they provide an even wider explanation of the Gap Year concept. They define Gap Year as constructive time out to do and try something new in between stages of life.  You’ll find the second fastest growing gap year market is pre-retirement gaps, a time when people take a year to prepare themselves for the transition ahead. This can occur several years before retiring – when you’re still in your planning phase for what’s next. Or it can be right as an individual or couple faces the empty nest, wondering what should be next in their lives without the normal ups and downs of having kids in their lives 24/7.

Intriguing, right? Imagine being able to transition into each phase of your life by doing something completely radical, totally unexpected, and using months to look at life in a different way. Use the time to travel, have new experiences, learn a new skill, gain knowledge in an area you’ve never acquired before, or simply to learn how to spread your wings and discover what the next step in your life should be.

You know that confusing, wondering what’s next, almost “dead” feeling you get when your life is mundane, and all you do is the same old things again and again and again?

What if you had a transition period to get your “groove” back, figure out what you truly wanted to do, and put the FUN back into your life so things aren’t so repetitious and humdrum anymore?

Sounds like fun, right? That’s why we decided to jump in and do it.

So we did it … with our own twist of course.

We sold our house. Sold or donated over half our stuff. And packed the rest into a truck and headed to the Pacific Northwest for a year. While we decided to keep some of our stuff for our new place, our goal in the coming months is to keep selling or donating, and ultimately come down to only the belongings we truly love and use on a daily basis.

We’ve rented a condo on the river as our home base, and will be traveling to many new destinations (for us), discovering new things about the area and about ourselves, and using it to build a new outlook on our future.

What will life be like a year from now? Don’t know. All we do know is that we’re ready for saying “yes” to many new things in the coming months. The rest will be determined as we go along.

One of the reasons I’ve been growing VisionOfSuccess over the past year is to help people just like you develop a lifestyle business that allows you to do business anyway you choose. My Gap Year posts will show you one way you can do just that. Hopefully they will help you reach out of your own comfort zone, see life in a way you may have never thought possible before, and do something totally crazy that will change you in ways that are simply unimaginable right now.

And as always, I would love to hear from you, find out how you’re making Big Changes in your life right now, and how we can help inspire each other in the months ahead.