How much schooling is too much? At what point do you say “enough” with the homework, the tests, and the studying within each class?

As a parent, I’m quickly reaching my limits, and I’m not the one doing it.

We’re on our sixth week of sophomore year, and already I’m hearing the countdown of days left until summer break. Yep, summer break.

So I sat down to calculate her hours devoted to school at the moment.

She’s in school or in route from 7 until 3 five days of the week. That’s 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week.

She’s in two different clubs, each 1 ½ hours after school. That’s an additional 3 hours per week. We’re up to 43 hours.

She spends on average 4 hours per night on homework four nights per week, and around 6 hours on the weekend. That’s an additional 22 hours of study time.  Per week.

Which brings us up to a grand total of 65 hours per week devoted to school.

These aren’t easy classes – these are hardcore studying type of classes: Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors Chemistry, Honors English, World History, Latin 2.

So my question is “65 hours per week? Really?” Doesn’t anyone see something wrong with this? What are we truly teaching our kids?