Have you been slammed with a ton of teleclasses in the past week? I know I have. Everyone is coming out of the holiday season with a ton of energy, and looking to make 2009 their best year yet.

I know I’ve had the same focus. I announced my latest Social Media course right before the holidays, and am excited to start teaching people how to use it to build up their businesses here in just a few days. Plus I have several other programs on the drawing board for early this year.

Anyway, even if I can’t attemoney rollnd the teleclass live, I enjoy listening to the recordings later, and possibly taking advantage of some amazing offers that people are putting together.

One mentor I’ve been following for years, Ali Brown, has put together a new Millionaire Protege Club, and had a special teleclass this past week. I finally listened to it over the weekend, and even through her free teleclass, I learned a ton that will help me over the weekend.

I have a long list of ideas that the call generated. But one thing really stuck out in my mind. She made a comment that only 6 percent of people will make over $100,000, and 1 percent make over $365,000.

Isn’t that amazing?

If you’ve been in the online world for any length of time, it’s easy to get caught up in the “I went from $0 to $1 million in 24 hours” pitch, and think the whole world is making a ton of cash.


But statistics show that just isn’t true.

One of the main differences between an entrepreneur and a self employed person is their focus. An entrepreneur puts the focus on building the business. The self employed person puts the focus on the tasks.

I run into business owners every day that focus on getting one more client to pay the bills. That’s fine if you have the desire to continually look for business. One will always lead to one. So you’ll always be in the same position you are in today.

But if you focus on building the business, and looking at how to get people in by the dozens rather than one at a time, you’ll see yourself grow in leaps.

Self Employed Mentality – cold calling to bring in one new client

Entrepreneur Mentality – hiring a cold calling firm to sell a training course on CD

Self Employed Mentality – creating a new business card to hand out while out networking

Entrepreneur Mentality – creating a social profile that markets your business online 24/7, whether you’re there or not

Is it easy to turn around the way you look at your business? No, it does take time. But make a choice to add a few things to your business this year that work for you, instead of you having to work for it.

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