I bet I know what your day is like.

You get up and check email. Then you work on client projects, answer phone calls, meet with prospects, and have lunch. Then you start all over again after lunch. spending time social networking

You may spend a little time with family and friends, then back to the computer to check email, do a little more client or office work, and call it a night.

So when are you supposed to learn about social networking AND put it all into action?

Social networking isn’t meant to take up your entire day. It’s meant to be a complement to your other marketing tactics.

With your traditional marketing, you may attend one or two lunches or after hour business meetings per week. In a couple of hours, you may get a handful of leads to follow up on in the coming week.

It’s the same with social networking. Only with social networking, the work you do today can help you build way into the future because it doesn’t disappear from the online world. It creates a presence, and allows you to build from there.

The important thing is to make time for it. Dedicate a few minutes each day, or a half hour a couple times of week, and just do it!