How Serendipity May Be Key To Your Growth

Do you believe in serendipity?

Serendipity is defined as:

The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. It’s an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

It’s that feeling you get when you find yourself in a situation searching for just the right person, business or situation to be in, and then suddenly finding that one person that resonates with you. It’s a feeling that washes over you; the feeling that you have to pursue this new path because of what you’re sure it will lead to. No matter what you do, that feeling just won’t leave. You really feel like you were put together with a person, or in a certain situation for a reason. There could never be any doubt that this relationship was meant to be.

I had that serendipitous feeling hit me twice yesterday.

Over the weekend, I had spent several hours researching a new website I’m putting together (more on that later this year 😉 ) and found an interesting article that I had printed off and taken a few notes on. One of the items I had highlighted was another website in which the owner had written a book and offered a membership program. This book/author was new to me, so it was on my list of things to do and research.

Then yesterday I received a phone call from a potential new client. We had a great conversation and are taking steps to begin working together. Half way through our conversation, she mentioned this very same book and author I had found over the weekend, and talked about how she was currently impacting her life. She asked if I knew her, and of course I had … from my research just a day or two before.

That’s what I call a click moment. Serendipity. To be introduced to a new writer with new ideas and thoughts, only to resonate one day later with a potential client who had found great value in her work. We were definitely in sync with one another.

Then last night, I was doing some research for my daughter. She has a “problem” that I was looking for a solution for her. After searching a bit in Google and reading through a variety of sites, I came across the one site that completely resonated with me. She spoke directly to me. It was like she knew my daughter. I knew right away that she was the one that could offer us a solution. So I researched how to work with her. She offers virtual programs through phone or Skype. Or you can meet her in person. Her office is about 5 miles from my daughter’s campus dorm room.

Serendipity? I think so.

These are just two stories; I can talk about numerous other situations just like these. And I’m not alone.

But what I find amazing about serendipity is that once you are attuned to it, it happens all the time.

If you think about something, you research it, you focus in on it, you discover something in your path that will help you put it into place.

When things happen, it’s usually for a reason.

You can find something in a book you read. Or in a conversation with a friend. Or with an idea you hear about on the radio. Or sitting next to someone on a plane. Or even in a dream.

Stephenie Meyer had her serendipitous moment in June of 2003. She was a stay at home mother of three. Staying in bed wasn’t a luxury; in fact I’m sure she rarely had time to dream. But when she woke up from a dream so vivid, she couldn’t get the characters out of her head, she followed her emotions to her computer and started writing everything down. She’d never written a book before, and yet she had the completed manuscript for Twilight in three months. The story was chosen out of a slush pile, and the rest as they say is history.

How can you find your own serendipity?

Its there every day. Yet it’s so much easier to say “not today”.

You remember that little voice that said:

What if you moved to California? Or Paris? Or Sydney?
What if you went to school?
What if you skipped work today and did “__________” instead?
What if you worked on this relationship? Or dropped it all together?
What if you started this business?
What if you invented this product?
What if you wrote this book?
What if you looked at “it” like this instead?

How did you act on it? What path did you follow?

Serendipity usually occurs when two events, people, ideas or concepts meet. When old meets new. Or an idea occurs that is completely different than the path you were on.

And when they meet, a whole new stream of emotions takes place. The thought leaves you breathless. It leaves you in awe. It leaves you happier than you’ve felt in quite awhile. It leaves you daydreaming of things to come.

For some, they shake their heads and move on.

Silly old dreams. That could never happen in real life.

Or could it?