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I’m seeing a common thought at the moment. Everywhere I go, people are referring to the world as before and after. And the one thing I know for sure is that jobs are never going back to the way we once thought of them.

All you have to do is take a look at the latest unemployment statistics to know that is true. One in three have lost their positions. And while that’s difficult at any age, it’s especially difficult to those of us 40 and over. If you’ve always worked at a job, earning a paycheck on Friday’s, this new world can be frightening at best.

So let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about the Gig Economy and how it’s going to thrive in our future. If you’re wondering what’s next in your career, and the way you make money, you’re not going to want to miss my current episode of One Thought Podcast.

What you will Discover:

  • What the gig economy is and how you can use it to thrive in your second act.
  • Why it’s time to reinvent the way you gain income once and for all.
  • What passive income is and what it means to your future.
  • Why creatives are about to jumpstart the world economy and what you can do to join in … especially if you’ve always wanted to be a writer.
  • The three skills every writer needs to master to succeed.